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I am about to hire an employee and want to do background checkup (this is one of the job requirements).

How do I do it though? I have no clue :-)

Any pointers? thanks
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    Start here with the US Govt. website - (non affiliate link). Comply with the laws when doing a background check. Sevreal 3 party companys are out there, be very careful they are legitimate. Due your own due diligence with this or seek legal advice.
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    Why would you make it a job requirement if you don't know how to get it done? Risky to do it yourself as you don't know what to look for - or where - and what if you miss something crucial? What if you violate privacy laws without knowing it?

    If you need a full background check there are services that specialize in background checks for employers. Good article on what to look for (not affiliated with the site)
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    I'm pretty sure most local temporary employment services can do the entire background check for you for a fee, then simply do a direct hire for the employee via the temp. service.

    Make some calls.
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