which keyword would you use for this IM niche

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I've created an IM product which is about 'developing your own niche product and sales page', but I've just realize their isn't a name to identify this area of IM.

i mean, which keyword would you use to get targeted seo traffic to this product?

I could use a keyword relating to 'make money online.' but that would be too general.

Come to think of it I should of created a niche product about blogging or webflipping. Atleast I know which keywords I can use.
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    Find a sales page that is selling a similar type of product and put the URL into the Adwords tool, it will spit out all the related keywords.

    Try typing in something like 'sell information products' to adwords with synonyms on and see what you get. From there do the same process with another set of keywords and in no time youll have thousands of potential keywords you can use.

    Hope this helps

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