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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I have been having this idea in mind (hopefully , no one thought or come up with it yet)(Let me know what you think) , I am always been hearing (i am sure you have) this and that new plugin, hear and there, on this forum and on warriorplus and jvzoo, besides tactics and plans. So i thought and had this in my mind, why not just have and build a plugin that builds other certain types of plugins that does those top ranking, popular tasks, and jobs. It is i believe, if not way more, but a little bit more beneficial for some reasons (below):

1.) Wouldn't cost much, just maybe a 1 time fee to have a developer built it.
1a.) Unless if you are a programmer/developer yourself then it wouldn't cost money just your time to built it (or else learn how to built it, besides the research)
2.) It would benefit you in 2 ways (maybe 3 or 4) - When the plugin is built you can either monetize the plugin, by selling it and marketing it to other internet marketers and small maybe medium sized business and websites with multiple licenses (added) (at a good and reasonable cost) just built those top ranking and popular plugin using the plugins itself, but make it better and unique then either sell those or keep those plugins yourself for personal and business reasons.

* I see a variety of reasons and multiple for #2 , because other internet marketers and website business owners would use it and benefit from it, it would save them money and also make them a little bit more money at the same time.

So What you Warriors think about this idea ? you think it would be a pretty hot sales like hot cakes or a pretty decent ones (hopefully no one would take this idea from me yet, or not , if so, then I can understand that I should've act quicker and sooner with this)

Note: I don't know if this is the right section for this Thread, IF NOT then moderators please put it in the right section, please.

Thank you,
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    It's not realistic.

    I have been developing software for 20+ years. When you start a project you need to outline in great detail how every feature/function will work and their step-by-step processes. Then you have a programmer custom build it. Often the first version isn't perfect and there are bug fixes and updates required to fix future problems or make improvements.

    Which programming all into some software is not going to happen.
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