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it seems pretty clear WP is the favorite. But if you could not use WP for some reason what would be your next CMS site builder if you were still somewhat a newbie??
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    If I was a newbie or even "somewhat of a newbie", I would use wordpress.

    There's not one that is easier in my opinion. You should find a simple, step by step training course on WP and take it.

    All the doors will be opened at that point.
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    If you've never had any experience setting up WordPress there are plenty of video tutorials on Youtube that can help. Even if you're not a techie WordPress is still pretty simple to setup using Fantasico within your Cpanel.

    Then it's just a matter of finding a theme you like and adding your content. One of the reasons why WP is so popular is for it's ease of use. It's well worth your time to spend a day or two figuring out the basics of installing WP, adding plugins, and adding your content.

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    Lots of helpful info.... checking out typepad also.thanks much
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    Yup, WP is very easy to use. You could install it automatically using Fantastico or manually using Filezilla. Lots of good themes and plugins to choose. I just love WP.

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    Joomla would probably be my next option after Wordpress, although I've never found it as user friendly. Or perhaps Drupal.

    Why are you looking for an alternative to Wordpress? A lot of people view Wordpress as being a simple website generator because it can be customised so much that it doesn't even resemble a 'blog'.
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    I started out with a free blogger blog in 2006, but after doing research I decided to go with a self hosted Wordpress blog because there were so much information and help available.I must say it was one of the best decisions I have made in my IM career.
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    There's your answer.

    When you get the best for Free, why settle for less?

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    Typepad and SquareSpace are two very good blogging platforms.

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    I suppose Joomla would be my next port of call, but Wordpress is far and away the best option for what you are looking for.

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    I see no reason not to use wordpress. From what I've heard it is the easiest and the most complete.

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