How Would I go about selling off domain names?

by Kym Robinson 6 replies
I have heaps of make money domain names that I am not using - how ould I go about selling these off?

and what is the procedure once you have sold them?
and what is a good asking price?

thanks - Kym
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    Try Digital Points, they have discussion for selling domain names.
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      what is digital points?
      is it a forum or something?
      do you have a link?
      thanks - Kym
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  • Profile picture of the author RetireVerySoon is a good domain brokerage site
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    thanks guys - so how do you work out how much they are worth?
    is there a site that has a formula to do this?

    I saw a post here recently about "how much is your site worth" is there the same sort of thing for domain names?
    can you tell I have no idea - I'll go check out ebay and sedo as suggested!
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      There is no strict formula for domain name valuation however most
      people prefer one word domains that are logical, in American English
      and spelled correctly. Shorter is better. Two word domains may have
      value depending upon the key words contained therein. No hyphens
      are preferred but in some cases do not matter. If you would like to
      post your domains here I'm sure someone would be happy to assess
      them for you.
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