How to attract affiliates to a brand new product?

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Hey my is Tommy and I have created an e-book called PERFECTION and I really don't know how to attract affiliates towards the product. I truly believe this product could blow up due to the fact that I combined the self-help genre and health/fitness genre into one. I created the book to help guys (millennials to be specific) to become the greatest visual representation of themselves. In the book, I talk about everything from how to get lean as fast as possible to specific haircuts that can make your face as attractive as possible (I also talk about building muscle, hygiene, different ways to dress etc.).
If anyone can give me any advice or any comment relating to how a brand new product can attract affiliates it will be greatly appreciated. Even if you have ANY advice about internet marketing I will greatly appreciate it. Coaches, gurus everything will greatly appreciated.

- Tommy F from Toronto, Canada
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    If you list it on marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo you will probably attract a horde of affiliates.

    They might not be high quality ones though.

    You could approach email list builders, bloggers and content creators in your niche that have promoted similar products, and offer them a high commission (50% - 75%).

    Also make it easy for them to promote you, provide banner ads, email templates and special bonus content.

    I'm sure other Warriors will have more ideas to help you too.
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    Hello Tommy,

    I am sure that you have heard the saying: "a good product sells itself" before. Although times are different now, this saying still holds true to a big extent.

    That said, we need to ask ourselves what determines whether a product is good or not. Bottom line is that the product won't be considered good until enough people use it and share their opinion about it to others around.

    Unfortunately, a brand new product does not have any reviews to back up whether it is good and helpful to its users. Until you accumulate a healthy amount of good reviews, you will have much more difficult time selling it or have somebody else sell it for you.

    Put yourself in the shoes of an affiliate. Best products to sell are non-competitive products that everybody likes and recommends. In fact, it is those products that are sought after by affiliates the most.

    Whatever you decide to do to promote your product, I recommend also adding activities focused primarily on collecting positive reviews about your product.

    Start talking to your friends and family. Get every single one of them go online and write well thought out reviews that actually provide some information about your product and value to the reader. Make sure they are solid because you actually have control over those reviews.

    Offer as many giveaways as you can afford and ask for a positive review.

    I understand that this won't bring you any immediate revenue but it will set your product up for a success in the future. I guarantee you that conversations with every affiliate will go much smoother if you bring an e-book with tons of positive reviews to the table.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. -- Jill Whalen

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    Tommy, I'm not intending this to be a downer, but I think you've set yourself up for a rough ride.

    First, the title. From my perspective (crotchety old fart in training), I wouldn't take a second glance at an ebook called "PERFECTION." Not unless you had a killer subtitle that drew me in.

    Second, you're trying to cover so much ground that you'll find it hard to get attention, as many of the best affiliates hone their promotions on much narrower niches. Say I'm in the muscle building market, and my primary audience is men 35-50. How on earth could I promote an ebook that also covers haircuts and wardrobe?

    "Hey, guys, found this ebook that has a chapter on muscle building by someone I've never heard of before. It's aimed at guys 17-40+, so you teen can read it when you're done..."

    You wanted advice? Here's mine. Narrow the focus a lot.

    There's a saying in marketing that applies here. Try to be everything to everyone, and you end up being nothing to anyone.

    You sound like a bright young guy who isn't afraid to think original thoughts, so please take this in the spirit in which it was intended. Good luck to you, as I think you will need it.
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      I truly appreciate this advice, I'm not going to lie PERFECTION is truly targeted towards people around my age (I'm a millennial by the way) and I do believe I tried to be everything to everyone, which was truly one of the mistakes I made. Even though this book was made for millennials by a millennial I thought it would be smart to include other ages that could gain value from my product as well (now I know that I was wrong). Also, after taking your advice PERFECTION is targeted towards millennials who want to transform their entire physical appearance to become the best visual representation of themselves. Again thank you for the critique, I will greatly appreciate any other advice you may have for me.
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    If you want serious affiliates to promote your product you must first promote it yourself and document the results.

    So, you promote it and test and tweak until it converts well and has an average EPC (or higher) for the market. Then you list it on an affiliate platform and continue promoting yourself. This will document the conversion percentage, refund rate and EPC for potential affiliates.

    Get the conversion rate and EPC high enough and you will have no trouble finding affiliates.
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    Here are some tips i mentioned in another thread on WF about getting affiliates:

    How To Get Affiliates
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    Hi Tommy, I have several question for you before you attract the affiliate marketer you need to know your customer first

    1. How you make sure your customer need to purchased your product?
    2. what is your product value for the customer and how the product give the impact to your customer?
    3. where do you want to bring your customer after purchased your product?
    4. Any testimony can prove the value of your book?

    I think if you can answer the question then it will be easier to attract the affiliate marketer. if you are a affiliate marketer you will choose a product that give impact to your customer right?
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    You can do building a relationship with affiliates. Find out where they hang out at like warrior forum. Buy ads on Clickbank and warrior forum
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    Definitely need more targeted title (or subtitle at least) - Perfection means many things to many people, none of which would likely go online and search for perfection (versus say searching on how to build biceps or how to lose belly fat or how to build confidence around friends, etc...)

    You want to know what your system will enable people to do (and yes that may be many things, but you want to target the BEST and BIGGEST thing that people are searching for in terms of problem or desire and target that specifically)

    In terms of getting affiliates - part of our process when we create new digital products is to send preview copies of both the outline and the "beta" product out to an early audience - this includes both targeted customers and our chosen list of launch partners (affiliates. influencers, bloggers, etc...)

    Come up with a list of at least 30 - approach them with a review copy of your product and offer them something to get them to review your product, for those that have positive reviews offer them an privileged partner launch rate with some automated tools (ads, email copy, graphics) and you should get 10-15 that will respond and help you launch...once you launch successfully you will attract the attention of other affiliates - but it takes effort to get out of the gate

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    The problem with getting affiliates is that every course tells you to contact them etc etc - but there is no easy way to do that! They rarely answer emails, and there is no way to reach them via JVZoo, W+ or any other platform. Yes, you can post on a couple of sites like MunchEye, but if you are new, the chances of getting a major affiliate to launch for you is slim.

    The truth is that it is very difficult to get affiliates today and difficult to launch without some serious paid marketing.

    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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