How to use aweber with jvzoo after the sale

by Birdi
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Hey guys,

I was just curious to know when promoting jvzoo products through emails, I wanted to know how you would go about capturing the customers email after they have brought the product so after the sale is made using aweber with jvzoo.

I was looking into get response but i do prefer aweber, anyone got any advice?


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    If you are getting sales through email marketing then you don't need to 'get' the email from JVzoo, you just need to know that the customer clicked on a link to make a purchase.

    Unless you are making 100s of sales per day the most simple way is to see who clicked on your message. I don't use Aweber so I can't comment but with Getresponse you can create workflows that offer upsells or cross promote to buyers automatically.

    JVzoo also has a relationship with GetResponse. This page might be more useful to you...
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  • It sounds like you are trying to figure out who purchased the product?

    I'm a little confused myself.

    Can you maybe rephrase the question?
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    Birdie, I am confused too. If you are making sales using email marketing then you should already be using some kind of email Auto responder. However, if you want to start using Aweber, then you will first need a lead capture page that can 'intergrate' with Aweber.

    They do have link tracking.
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    Hey guys, I should have been more clear about my question.

    Ok let me explain the funnel,

    1. Lead capture page, get the email address.
    2. bonus page selling bonus products (Explaining the bonus products)
    3. vendors sales page selling the main product
    4. Download the bonus products after purchase of the main product. (the bonus products will be uploaded to the jvzoo platform)

    Hope this makes sense, but i want to capture those people that have brought the main product.

    I was going to set up 2 lists one for the customers from the landing page, and the second the buyers from buying the main product. then through emails promote other products overtime eventually.


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    Sounds like you want to create a list of buyers.

    Then be sure to use Aweber right from the start. There is a feature to track the leads who buy.

    But then you will have to get them to resubscribe in order to create this specific buyers list (some other kind of bonus or incentive).

    Within Aweber you can create an automation rule.
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