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by vare
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First, I have to apologize for oppening again this topic, but I want to continue it from the old forum.
The for the topic on the old WF forum The Warrior Forum - Need help and advice

I forgot to mention, to start my online business I have a few barriers:

- For payments I can not use Paypal (but many sites supports it, but my country is not in the list, yet, sad but true )
- For the same reason I can not use some of affiliates too.
- I started a blog on blogspot Our Lifestyle Home , there is just one "welcome" message, but as I wrote would it be good to write, if my english is not so good , and where could I improve my english writing skills ?
- Do you recommend me to contiue with it, to write on this blog ?

And want to ask if somebody could give me a good link/links to read about " How to create a good online shop " , like some tutorial ?

I have now one more thing in my mind, and that is about Reseller Web Hosting. I'm little confused of it, how can I start my own hosting company?
Should I have some big investment or it is for free and then the the company who gave the resselling option take some % ?

I not hungry for such a big sums online, just want to find something that I could do, and earn 300-500$ monthly.

Tnx again for everybodies time on this topic .
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    1. It will help others to help you if you add your country to your profile.

    2. There are ways around the PayPal problem for some of the countries that PayPal does not support, but we would need to know which country you are from.

    3. As your English isn't very good, there are courses that you can take online to correct your grammar, or join up with someone else from your country that is more fluent in English to proofread and correct your copy. A good free English course is available at

    4. Reseller hosting comes at a price as you have to buy server space and then resell it to others. It's not something I would suggest you do unless you are familiar with server setups and trouble shooting as you will be the first person that your clients will contact if there is a problem with the server or their web site.

    5. I don't know of any good tutorials on running an e-commerce site, but the principle is the same as with any site that sells any product or service. You will need a good sales pitch and search engine optimisation to get your site found, particularly if you have a lot of competitors selling the same, or similar products.

    The actual setup of the site is generally quite simple as there are a number of good open source shopping cart programs around. They generally make it relatively simple to add your products.

    The biggest problem you will have will be to create a name for yourself and to break into the market place if there are many competitors.

    Hope this helps.


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      Have you considered the possibility of targeting your sites to your own country so you can write in a language you are comfortable with.

      I don't see this mentioned and, of course, I'm in the US - but there must be huge markets online for sites in other languages. There are products you might sell in your country that are exclusive to your area of the world.

      Sites and blogs don't have to be in English to be profitable.

      I'd suggest you look into that idea to see if it might work for you. When you are not proficient in a language you can get by well when traveling or talking in person. The greatest difficulty is expressing concepts and ideas - and that's what you do online much of the time.

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        Yes, I agree with Kay.

        I intended to suggest the same thing and forgot, that you may have a ready market in your home country. Obviously this will vary from country to country and depends on how affluent the country is, but you will generally find it easier to market to your own country than to others outside.

        I overlooked the question about the blog and again I agree that the blog doesn't have to be in English, but you could use it to practice English as you learn it.

        I can see it being quite useful to others if you write about your experience in learning English, so you might get quite a bit of interest in it. Remember that you aren't the only one with the language problem. There are many others out there with the same problem who would be interested in your progress and can learn from your experience.


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          I change in my profile

          I'm from Serbia. I'm fluent in Serbian and also in Hungarian language.

          I was thinking to focus on domestic market but the internet is not yet extensive here.
          That is a reason why I'm thinking to use English site.
          And if I use shopping cart , would it be a good thing, if I focus to my domestic market...
          and would it be profitable with ebay affiliate or amazon affiliate...

          Maybe the blog would be really good thing to practice my English. The link for the course is good , tnx for that

          Tnx people
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