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What is the most effective way to work/build your MLM Network Marketing business in Sync with today's Internet Marketing World? Has anyone else effectively combined the two in harmony and had great success please share your story, advice and tips.
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    They have great success in using the internet and social media to build a network marketing business.

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    Nothing can beat the personal touch in MLM (or any other marketing model for that matter).

    The advantage of the internet is you can generate massive quantities of leads very quickly.

    Using an automated funnel system you can then process, sort and qualify the leads for further action.

    But ultimately, the personal relationship and one-on-one communication is what builds the foundation for your business.

    The duplication of this process and personal development of your key people is essential for building wide and deep.

    The basics in MLM has not changed in over 60 years, although technology can dramatically shorten the building process and broaden your reach from local to global.
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