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First off, many thanks to all of the forum members who have answered my queries, and also who have helped many others here.

Here's my issue.

I have 2 domains that I bought a couple of years ago, one of which I am using, but I have decided to go to a different name, and thought I might sell the 2 I bought, a .org and a .net, both registered around 1999.

The .org has been a live site since shortly after it was registered, but the .net has been idle. The .org is getting about 1,200 visits a month from organic searches.

The .org site would be offered only with the content it had when I bought it, which is only about 12 pages of text-only content.

I sold a domain name a few years ago, and got an appraisal through moniker.com. Oddly, it matched almost exactly what I was offered, so I feel they're accurate, although not necessarily the best or cheapest, so I'm very open to suggestions.

If you'd be so kind, I'd appreciate any advice you may have for me, as I have only sold that one domain a few years ago.

Thanks in advance for any help you you can provide.
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    Redirect the traffic from the .net or .org which is older to your new domain.
    If you really need some cash, go through a domain appraisal company and see how much u can get it.

    Old is gold,only if there are prospective buyers for it.
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    If you have those visitors to the .org redirect them to the old domain.

    Is there any value of the .net ? Is the .net getting any traffic ? Are there buyers for it ? Is the domain worth more today or less if it was appraised ?
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      Thanks. No traffic to the .net. Don't know if there are buyers.
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        Originally Posted by KnowOneKnows View Post

        Thanks. No traffic to the .net. Don't know if there are buyers.
        You can try advertising it. However if you get no sales, than let it expire.
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    I would just forget about the 2 domains and 'focus' on that new one but more importantly...creating content and promoting your content so that you can start getting some decent traffic and eventually leads and sales! I have so many unused domains but really can't be bothered with any of that right now.
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      Hi Rory, Thanks for your advice. I'm putting 99.5% on my present venture. I have 100,000 words of content that I am putting into an audio course. Thanks again
      Sat Sri Akal.
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