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Hi warriors

I have a site htpp:// from almost 2 years but i am not getting much traffic from it. So give me some suggestions on it,tell me what i am doing wrong and what to do to bring a decent traffic. Some body told me that i have some noindex pages remove it. So i have to change that to index or follow and one more thing i want to know is how can i know that my site pages are index or in noidexed mode. Where i have to go to see this problem occurring. How can i solve it.

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    Firstly, your link isn't working.. try this Small Business Credit Cards

    Did you ever install and Redirection of SEO plugins for Wordpress that might be causing your pages to show noindex? If so I would look at the options under that plugin. If not then go to manage > pages and see if anything is checked that might be causing it to show noindex.

    Also one other thing it could be. When you installed Wordpress did you choose for it to be viewable to the public? If not that's your problem.

    For getting traffic to your site you're going to need to figure out some keyword that you would like to rank for. Then start building back links to your site with your keywords in the anchor text of the link.

    If you got money to spend then Google pay-per-click can bring instant traffic.

    There's a lot involved with optimizing your site for the search engines and it's more than I feel like explaining here. You should search Google for 'SEO wordpress' and educate yourself of what you need to do.

    Good luck,

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    once i have redirect my site but after that there is no redirection. could you please tell me more on this where i have to go to see that plugins deactivation. if i put www.smallbusinesscreditcardsinfo then it coming what i have to do.
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    I really hate to provide critiques but first off, your domain name
    is entirely too long, it can't be remembered and is grammatically
    incorrect. You'd have been better off to register this as a .info.

    The look is too "bloggish" and bland. There's no reason to have an
    archive for an informational site like this. There are way too many
    categories which only causes confusion. People don't want to see
    50 categories on a website as it's simply overwhelming and adds
    to information overload. You might consider a custom header.

    Your ads are too blatantly in-your-face, making it obvious that it's
    your site's sole purpose. Add more content and resources, don't
    just place AdSense and banners in your columns.

    Are you doing anything to generate traffic?
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    Ok i will remove it later on. Right now i want to correct my site for seo only. Any body who guide me
    on this.
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    There is a tool called Trackboost that you can use. Also try Article Marketer to get traffic.
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