Best Wordpress Multi Vendor Marketplace Set Up?

by Phil
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does anyone here have any experience with this?

I have a large list of internet marketers who need a variety of services - graphics, writing, editing, video, etc. Too much for me to provide personally, but I figured I could source good suppliers for them - then I had the idea of setting up a marketplace and inviting suppliers to create a profile / shop / portfolio and I can send the visitors.

Not a new idea, but it seems like a good way to ensure I get a commission.

Here's the thing, though - because it would be creative services, the vendors would be selling things like their design skills, writing skills, etc. So a simple 'buy/sell' environment might not quite do it. There needs to be a communications function so customers can liase with suppliers.

Visually, it needs to look more like a shop/marketplace, but probably needs to functionality of an Upwork.

So here's where I've got so far - specialist marketplace themes plus ecom plugins for the functionality. These seem popular:


Marketify + Easy Digital Downloads
BuddyBoss Social MarketPlace, for WC Vendors
Market + Easy Digital Downloads
DigiMonster (ThemeForest Clone)
MarketPlus (ThemeForest / Envato Clones)

Ecom Plugins:

Easy Digital Downloads
WC Vendors
WC Marketplace
MarketPress Ecommerce

I'm new to ecommerce, so I may not have understood this correctly yet.

Main points:
I want multiple vendors to be able to set up their portfolios and sell their services.
- they won't be selling products. They will be selling services
I want customers to be able to create accounts/profiles so they can engage more fully
NO Physical products ONLY Digital services.
Solution requires some way for customer and vendor to discuss service
- maybe some kind of project management functionality? Messaging at least.

I'm at research stage here so I just thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has any experience setting up this kind of thing. Any must-do or must-do-nots! Much appreciated.

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