What price point should I give to my course/product with %50 commission

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I would like to know if anyone of you can give me some advice and some pointers on my PLR Done For You list building Course/product when and while creating and having a %50 Affiliate Commission program. My situation is I need to make and have enough money to pay my expenses for this MMO/IM Business/Online Business (The Autoresponder- Get Response, plus for a membership course I bought a few months ago, also need to buy a better and faster computer, and buy the real version of Camtasia to edit and create videos) I was thinking to price it to $77 (its a FE Offer product), but thinking maybe $57, but I do not know what to price my BE offer products/course (it's an advance accelerated list building course), so may be then the FE should be $37 -$47, and the BE product offer should be between $47-$57 , then. (What do you warriors think ?) Please do respond and let me know what you guys think (and please give me some pointers, advice, and/or suggestion) ?

Thank you,
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    You should price it at what you think it is worth...

    Base that on what similar courses sell for...

    But at the end of the day you have to set the price and sell it...

    No one can tell you the best price and what price it will sell better at, lots of variables...

    It depends on your copy, your audience and what they are willing to spend...

    So pick a fair price and start selling...

    FYI, I have seen and bought products from $9 to $1000 dollars that do what you just said your product does ... so people will buy it and keep buying it if it is a good product...
    Time is your most valuable resource ... do not waste it...
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    Unfortunately, nobody can tell the ideal price based only on the info you have provided.

    Every situation is original and what works for one marketer does not necessarily need to work for you. Therefore, you should run various A/B tests. Test not only your pricing. Try to experiment with the design of your landing page and play a little with copywriting (and use A/B testing to measure the results).

    This way you will find out what works best in your particular case.
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    I don't think I'm understanding the 50% part?

    Price it for what it's worth and what people will pay.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      I don't think I'm understanding the 50% part?

      Price it for what it's worth and what people will pay.
      The 50% commission is for the affiliates to join my affiliates program, I'm giving them a 50% commission split on each sale(s) they made/make. That is what I meant about that price.
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    Is this PLR you bought and have rebranded to be your own or is it something you wrote yourself and are selling as PLR.

    If it is the latter then $37.00 to $57.00 is a fair price, but it has to be good. As far as the backend, it really depends on what it is.

    If it is the former then I would sell it at $7.00 to $17.00 as it is probably just generic crap

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    I'm going to come at this from the other direction.

    Figure out how much you want to make from this project, and in what time frame.

    Since you mentioned 50% commission, take that figure and double it.

    Next, take a SWAG at how many units you can sell in your desired time frame. Most people are wildly optimistic, so cut that number in half.

    Finally, divide the amount by the number of units. That's your base price. If you feel strongly about the 'price ending in 7' thing, round up to the next $x7 number.

    Will that be the right price?

    Damned if I know, but it's a price that will let you meet your goals if you can pull it off. The market will tell you if it's close enough.
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    Hi Anthony!

    I guess it is important that you identify clearly your positioning in the marketplace.Because pricing your product will be depending on the value and the perception of people about you, your product, your business or your services. You can sell this at $57, $97 or even higher. Like for example in my case, I have one product when I launched this product, I priced this at $49, then I raised this to $97 after the launching and now it is out in the marketplace at $127 and people are still continue to buy.

    And by the way, I give 70% commission to affiliates. Hope this helps. All the best!
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    You can start off with an e-book which you can do so with MS Word and PDF Converter.

    Then sell it as $5-9.95 as front-end product.

    Now as much as you want to make money, your customers also want to benefit by getting value for what they paid for.

    Next, come up with a set of powerpoint slides and camera video based on the e-book and create video training series.

    This one you can sell for $17-27 as backend product though I know some marketers might disagree since they sell for $9.95 as well.

    Once you have a front-end e-book for $5 and video series for $17-27 as backend, you can also offer your coaching services.

    1-to-1 or small group.

    Either through webinars or live workshops / classrooms.

    Now for this one, you can charge at premium prices from $497 all the way to $5K.
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