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Can you help me how to hire people effectively
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    Originally Posted by JohnnyBrandon View Post

    Can you help me how to hire people effectively
    It's an entire science to hire the right people, your question is very broad, but here are the two main principles that can be useful in this process:

    1. Find out if your candidate is gonna do the job for the money only or because he enjoys what he does (he'll put more effort into it if he likes that specific industry/area, that's leading to great results overall for you)

    2. Assess his/her previous results and see if it's matching to a high degree to what you need him to do for you

    In any job, what matters the most are the results, no matter how many qualifications or diplomas one guy has...it's all about what he's capable to do and the quality of the work he's capable doing ...so make sure you find a way to measure this before hiring him.

    I hope it helps.
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    Another great way would be to reach out to past customers of who you plan to hire to know what it is like working with him. You could find out interesting things that is not revealed in their reviews.
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      Originally Posted by Jomealawuru View Post

      Another great way would be to reach out to past customers of who you plan to hire to know what it is like working with him. You could find out interesting things that is not revealed in their reviews.
      Yes, like their extended family are giving all of those incredible recommendations. :-)

      Think about it.

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    1. Clearly define your job description and responsibilities
    2. Identify who will be your the best candidates
    3. Find places where you ideal candidates usually come
    4. "Post" for job posting
    5. Review CVs and setup online questionnaires for scanning those candidates
    6. Interview
    7. Choose the best candidate who best match to your requirements.
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    I use upwork.com a lot. I post the job and have specific requirements for the job. I also ask usually 3 questions in the description and say if they do not answer those questions then the application will not be considered.

    If they cannot follow simple instructions in the offer post then they wont be a good employee in my opinion.


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    Do some serious study at some of the largest and most active job boards (sites). Typically they will offer suggestions and ideas for job seekers about how to best prepare their minds, offers, and presentations to put themselves in the best "light" to be hired. These same suggestions and tips will help you to focus on the kinds of questions and topics you can ask of any job applicants you plan to hire.

    Also, if you spend time on these job sites checking out open positions offered by some of the large healthy companies that are seeking talented employees, it will give you more exposure into how they do their recruiting. You can always adapt their questions to your own hiring needs.

    Go luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    ^^^ All great ideas. I also use Upwork a lot. As part of my editorial link building service, I have to hire high quality freelance writers and journalists all the time, and I've realised there are plenty available on Upwork willing to do the work and stay professional.

    Over time you learn to weed out the good candidates from the bad and after a short trial you quickly suss out who you can work with on a long term basis.

    I've had people I've been working with 3-4 years, on a daily basis, like this.

    HINT One top tip I can give you is to have a comprehensive on-boarding process. Often you will find to get the most out of your candidate, you need a training period that can last up to a month. Having an onboarding process can help you quickly get new hirees up to speed and get you used to each other's working processes.

    A good onboarding process should include a clearly defined interview where you lay out the work and what is expected from your candidate, and vice versa. Another essential element is to have detailed documents in place. For example, I mostly hire writers and my onboarding process involves several writer documents, style-guides, instructions on creating headlines, instructions on sourcing and research and the correct formatting of content. For your particular job, you should have similar documents that you can just give your candidates to read giving precise details of exactly what it entails to complete and execute the job, so this was they can get up to speed super quick.

    Hope that helps
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    Most important thing is that you should check with a test order and then hire for a big project.
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    Don't go looking for cheap offers. A good candidate is very unlikely to be sold cheap. Also, pay your employees, motivate them, feel them like home. Look for some previous records of their work. You can even put them " under consideration " for a month or two to see if they are performing the way you like before hiking their responsibility
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    what types of peoples you are looking for.
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    Hire at least three people at a time, clearly define their objectives and see how they are doing. Keep connected with the best performing persons..
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    I advice you to find them on Linkedin and review their experience as well as recomendations
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    Some great ideas would be to ask for their resume/past work experience/portfolio. Have some type of test or questionnaire related to your business that you can have them answer to gauge their skills and problem solving abilities.
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    Hire Asian people, they are great Virtual Assistants. Visit this site onlinejobs.ph and post what you're looking for.
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    Identify mission and goals . Find candidates that have the skillsets ,attitudes and other attributes that compliment i.e align with company goals.
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    If you are thinkin of outsourcing with the word "hiring" go to upwork or peopleperhour.

    If you are thinkin of hiring people phisically for your online business: WHY? Do you really earn enough?

    Dont' go for partnership or hiring if you are not earning enough
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    Upwork is a wonderful site to hire someone. You can even check out their records and previous experience. If you are planning to hire asian people, hiring Filipinos can save you a lot of money. They are efficient and really good.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Upwork is a good place to find people.

    The one thing you want to do is vet people before you hire them. Look for the person who is interested in helping you and not just after the job to get the money.

    Ask questions and get to know them. Some people will tell you they can get the job done, but cost you more over time.

    Take the time to find the rigth person and you'll save yourself lots of headache in the long term.
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    To calculate this metric, you must include all the items related to the selection effort: design and advertising of job ads, time and salary of the recruiter, training of the new employee, etc.

    The purpose of this metric is to try to determine the value that the new employee adds to the company. Tools such as 360 ° performance evaluation and human resources director surveys are very useful for this purpose.

    To get this metric you only need a calendar. Although it seems simple, it is a very important metric. A position that remains vacant implies less labor productivity. Therefore, it generates less revenue for the company.

    In addition to retaining your key employees, you must also maintain a high employee retention rate. Losing an employee can cost you a lot. Not only because it means a temporary decrease in labor productivity. Also because it implies that you have to start the cycle of recruiting and training the new employee again. If you wrongly chose the candidate who ended up being your employee, it will cost twice as much to hire a position.
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    Maybe OP could hire someone to reply on his thread.
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    You can't despite what others say unless you know what you're doing in and out, and got years of experience in successfully managing people big or small, online or offline.
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    A good choice you have made to grow your business is to look for a full time remote employ and not a freelancer.

    The key here is asking questions questions questions.


    Do you already have another job? If so, where are you working and how many hours are you working?
    What's you previous experience?
    Have you worked remotely before?
    Please send me three references and examples of your best work.
    How long have you been working as a web developer/copywriter/va...?
    Please write a paragraph of why I should hire you. Don't send a list of your experience; be creative in answering.
    Tell me how you would complete the following task _______?
    What tools do you use for communication?
    Do you have experience using CRMs?
    When would you be available to start work?
    How much money are you looking to make?
    Ask a random question like: take a picture of a black BMW and send it to me (if he/she does it right after, is not the inquisitive type of person and probably don't have too much initiative, if he/she asks you why, is willing to question you, which it's a good sign).

    And many more, as many as you can think of...

    Use your intuition, check their grammar when they reply to you, see how long does it take them to reply to your emails (you want an employ who answers emails promptly and turns projects quickly. If a candidate responds slowly to your recruiting emails, you can bet they'll do the same at work.), look at their portfolios, if they tell you they have too many skills is a bad sign, check for inconsistencies in their resumes and emails, explain your expectations and finally train them (take the time to teach and train them, don't expect them to be already trained for your specific needs).

    Good Luck with your recruitment process.
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    1. Indeed.
    2. Glassdoor.
    3. Google for Jobs.
    4. University career centers.
    5. State and local job service sites.
    6. Rival employers (headhunting).
    7. Facebook postings.
    8. Twitter postings.
    9. Post jobs to your company website.
    10. Post available jobs to social media and ask employees to share.
    11. Post to every free job board you can find.
    12. Talk to local universities and ask them to put the word out.
    13. Get in contact with recruiters or staffing agencies.
    14. Post help wanted flyers in places where employees hang out.
    15. Put the word out to all your current employees that you're hiring.
    16. Integrate your company careers page with Google for Jobs.
    17. Try to make short interview by phone.

      Good Luck
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    Here're a couple of things I look for in someone whenever I have to outsource:

    Previous experience - what they've done, who they've worked for. Work samples are a must. I contact his/her previous clients and ask about their own experience with the prospect.

    Credibility- I review their job profile and check if they have social media accounts. A lot of freelancing sites like Onlinejobsph for instance make the job easier since they usually review their members.

    Test them out - Before hiring them for the long haul, give them a trial/training period and see if they meet your standards.
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    As you're hiring, you're superior to make a decision whom you want to hire.

    # You should prepare 3-5 questions that is related to your project & it should be from the main technical part of your project. Usually I ask the guy how he can solve the part?

    # If you're hiring from Freelancing sites, take a look to the workers profile feedback & see if there is any similar job has done by him.

    # Ask your guy to get his personal Twitter & Facebook

    # Ask him for his personal phone number & have at least 1 min phone call to confirm his mobile number.

    # Deadline is the most important thing. Talk to your worker about the exact time he must complete your project.
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    All dependent on your vision JB. You need to see who you want to hire and why you want to hire them. What is your business vision? Who are the types of folks you want on board? Answer these questions and you will get a clear idea of folks you want to hire. Then use the practical tips shared above - some gems of course - to go about connecting with these folks.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    This must be 'bump threads from May'...day? The OP hasn't been back since posting this overly general question weeks ago.

    Spread of covid-19 depends on two factors: 1) how dense the population is, 2) how dense the population is
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      This must be 'bump threads from May'...day? The OP hasn't been back since posting this overly general question weeks ago.
      But guess who can't resist answering it? lol

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    very good dear thanks for sharing
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