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Has any beginner taken courses on Udemy and had success with internet (affiliate) marketing or creating digital products. Any courses you can recommend?
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    Originally Posted by chpenny View Post

    Has any beginner taken courses on Udemy and had success with internet (affiliate) marketing or creating digital products. Any courses you can recommend?
    The good thing about Udemy is, they always run low cost specials, which make their courses very affordable, so, wait for the sales. However, you might do just as well, probably better, getting some direct contact (right here at Warrior Forum) with those p-eople hwo have created digital products and have had success selling them.

    Creating digital products, pretty easy thing to do.

    SELLING digital products, is where the learning comes in. I can't think of a single course on Udemy (and I've taken many) which would do you better than some of the WSO you might come across right here.

    Good news: Udemy is cheap (during specials).
    Not good news: A lot of reguritated material.

    Recommend a Google search for FREE digital product creation to get you started, that should keep you busy for an hour or two.

    Here's my short and sweet version.

    Markets (people) first. Products second.

    Needs, wants, hungry crowds, people with problems, seekers, PEOPLE who buy...

    find those first.

    THEN create your products.


    PS. 33 years online. Over 75 digital products created. Still learning.
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      Thanks for your reply. Since i still have a lot to learn...i've taken a few courses on Udemy and have watched many YT internet gurus free videos...ODI production, SFM, Tanner J fox, Rob Cornish, Sarah Staar, Charles Ngo, Neil Patel, deadbeat super affiliate....but still looking for step by step process to follow .....any course you can refer me to ...thanks...that does not cost an an arm and a leg!!!
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    Udemy have many effective courses that teach really great things. I had a great udemy course about Google AdWords and xamarin development that really worked for me. No doubt there are many time wasting courses as well. But still it's great way of learning about new things.
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    best selling courses:
    1. Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer.
    2. The Platform's Biggest & Most Popular Photoshop Course.
    3. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced.
    4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2017.
    5. Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop.
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      I'm looking for recommendations for courses on affiliate marketing and creating digital products to sell online. Do you know of any good ones? and had success with.
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    I took a course on creating mobile apps and earning money with the apps. It was pretty good and I had success with it.
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    The udemy data they show to the public can be very misleading so don't base buying decisions on things like number of students/buyers/etc...

    Udemy allows free coupon codes so vendors give away the product, jack up the student count on their product and then turn on the selling option. So, someone late to the game (buyer) looks at those fake numbers and assumes it must be a best seller, which isn't always the case.
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    The statistics on udemy might be a misleading. I know that tactic, BUT the​ critical importance will be in the (instructor) himself. not in material itself. so, what is the sheer number of tools and tricks that provided by this instructor sets him apart from the rest, is important factor.
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    You can try this course on creating digital products - covers main techniques for finding topics, researching markets, developing content, creating products and launching...Digital Product Profit Secrets - based on creation of dozens of successful digital products from $27 e-books through $10K + coaching programs. Some of the courses using this method are on Udemy...
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