From Rags to Riches (Slow and Steady Way!)

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Whenever I got discouraged about IM in the past year, I used to go back and read this article posted by a guy called Jeff in some other forum. If you are a newbie, this article will be INSPIRING!


Hello All,

After a long, long time of lurking around, downloading every single solitary Ebook, Audio Series, Software Fad, and Quick fix under the sun I decided to clean out my Hard Drive. This bullshit literally took over my life, I spent my days reading all of those crappy ebooks (granted a few were good) and my regular business was affected a great deal by this. After a long battle with information overload I deleted all of that bullshit, and I kept only what I felt I should focus on. After deleting 90% of what I accumulated I finally started to learn and make some real money.

Like many others, I was one to check out a method, try it for like 3 days, and say f*ck it an move on to the next "awesome" and "fool proof" method out there. This lasted for my first 4 months of trying the Internet Marketing game. I then started to realize that it was all pretty simple really...I stopped taking short cuts, I stopped using automated content, I stopped chasing that crazy automated millionaire pipe dream and I actually did some work. I hired a graphic artist, a part time article writer, and I more or less directed them as to what I wanted to accomplish. Instead of spending 20 hours wasting my time in generating regurgitated content, I paid a few dollars and got some real content created. I then stopped wasting my time in trying to be the Jack of all trades, swallowed my pride and let the graphic artist do some of my work for me.

Granted, this took a few dollars to accomplish, but in the end I feel that all of the time I wasted on "fad" methods cost me far more... Now I find myself in the black...I am actually making some real money here. I made my first 3000.00 in Internet Marketing over the last some this may seem like very little, but to me this is a friggin' giant step.

Let me first say that I friggin love this forum more than any other place on the Internet... next I will say that I am proud that I have spent less time here in researching new methods, and sticking to the methods that I knew existed all along. I think through all of these first 6 months I have learned that as an Internet Marketer it is indeed wise to work smarter and not harder... but the keyword there is WORK. There will always be some work involved...I know a lot of you guys must be making a killing on the automated methods I have been bashing, but for me, I am going for the long term results, results I can bank on 6 months, 1 year or even further into the future.

Some of the tools and scripts I have "gotten" and purchased have been life savers for me. Some of the tasks I used to do with Pure White hat methods are now taking me 1/10 'th of the time. These tools, Article Post Robot, DigiXmas Products, Wordflood, and many others have saved me countless hours and are worth their weight in gold. I hope this serves as encouragement to some of the members here. I felt like quitting like 5000 times when I realized I had just thrown cash and time into a method that simply wasn't my cup of tea. Again, it was at this point that I rewinded, and went back to the basics, Thorough Keyword Research, Article Marketing, Web 2.0 Marketing (Authority BlackBook), Article Marketing (Using a cool method I developed - uses 5-6 tools), and most importantly quality content! I pay top dollar for an established English speaking writer to write all of my articles for me, but it pays. I have gotten so many more clicks in the resource boxes of my articles in the past 3 months, then I ever did with all of the other junk I did in total in my first 3 months.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant and I truly hope it helps someone, somewhere get through the bullshit and find their way in this crazy game. All of the members here are awesome, and I have received so much help and support from all of you guys and gals. I truly hope my success continues, and I feel that this is only the beginning. If anyone would like to know what I kept from my pile of useless ebooks and tools feel free to ask either here or via PM. I swear I must have spent 1000 hours reading through all of those books... ugh.

To Everyones Success,


BTW, I am not Jeff, I am Deepak Raj!
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