Selling single product on Instagram.

by Ralfs
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I'm going to try selling canned lamprey (fish) on Instagram.

So my question is how to make the Instagram page engaging and interesting with a single product - canned lamprey?

How to take pictures?
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    Originally Posted by Ralfs View Post

    How to take pictures?
    Photos with the white background and good lighting usually look nice in such cases. You can create a simple light box (check out images on Google to see how it looks like) which will help you to achieve good lighting.
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    Originally Posted by Ralfs View Post


    How to take pictures?
    The question should have more details in it. This might be what you are looking for. Have you tried taken pictures of the canned products ? And the different size packages they come in.
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    If you can sell not only canned goods but canned fish on Instagram, you'd be like the Billy Idol of Instagram.
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    Tell your story. Sharing your fine images
    choose your niche carefully
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      Originally Posted by mostCPA View Post

      . Bring garden pictures to the farmers' market. Start a blog to narrate your experience starting up canning business. Share your raspberry bar cookie recipe that features your jam.
      Did you read his post. He wants to sell canned fish on instagram, so tell us how going to a farmers market with a raspberry bar recipe will help with that


      "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    By how to take pictures I mean I have only one product - so there's basically one image.

    But of course on Instagram I need lots of images.

    So do I have to change the background of photos?

    Any other ideas on how to make a single product interesting?
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    Sounds to me like a challenging niche. Have you done any research on Instagram to see if members are looking for and anxious to buy your product? With something as obscure as canned lamprey, it's going to be difficult to create demand for the product IMO. And what about fulfillment and shipping at a reasonable cost?

    I'm not saying your idea can't work ... it's just that you should be doing your homework and background research so you know exactly what demand and fulfillment of your product is going to be.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Take a picture of the canned goods at all possible angles: professional, funny, factual, etc. Start with the basics, like placing it on a white or black background, depending on the color of your label. Then consider nature as your background. Or a cook holding it.

    You don't need a high-end cam to do it. Your phone and the magic of Photoshop can help you do it.

    Best of luck, bud!
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    Is Instagram the right place for you for this? I can't imagine you'd get much of a following with a "canned fish" product.

    I mean i can imaging how a "storytelling" angle could work for you, somethign quirky and funny, turn the fish into a character and take pictures of it travelling around the world or somethin - but that's some high end marketing and you'd need a huge budget and marketing plan to execute something so creative. I don't think you have that.
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    You can have a lot of fun with this product.

    From sharing stories, taking photos of it with customers, recipes and etc.

    Taking of the same product with different colour background can be a bad idea

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