Requirements for perfect content

by jameer
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What are the factors need to consider to make perfect content for a website
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    Your article needs to fulfil about what is your headline is.
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    Content has become a potent tool for businesses to market their products and/or services. Good content draws prospects and there is a high chance of conversion. As such quality of content matters. Search engines regards content quality as a major factor for the ranking of a particular website.
    some of the content marketing trends in 2018.
    1. Bite size
    2. Video streaming
    4. Rise of influencer marketing
    5. The Leveraging of social media etc.. You can read more with our website
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    Content that resonates with your readers and helps them to solve their problem is considered as perfect content.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    Before writing any content you should ask yourself - What to Write, How to Write?

    • Look for the topics which are about your website category.

    • Read Google trends on daily basis for the idea of what is going now in the online market.

    • Read Google algorithms on weekly basis to know what Google wants in your article and content to give you ranking on 1 page I would like to recommend you Searchengineland for reading Google algorithm updates.

    • Write for your audience's understanding of your subject, not yours

    I like the quote of Benji Hyam, co-founder of Grow and Convert. He said:

    "The challenge that we content marketers face these days is not what content to create, but how to make it stand out from the rest of the blogs out there covering the same topic".

    I hope it helps to what you seek.
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    I like to use a combination of keyword research and then plug those keywords into buzzsumo to see what topics are getting the most shares.

    Make sure you content is on point and dribble just for the sake of writing something.

    Also it's important to know what you want your content to achieve, are you writing content for brand awareness, to raise your profile, to get clicks or to make a sale.
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    "Perfect" content?

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing. What might be perfect for Person A will totally suck to Person B.

    The best you can do is craft good-enough content for a targeted audience. And good-enough content, properly aimed, can make you a ton of money. Chasing perfection is a sure path to either early burnout or an ulcer.
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      Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

      "Perfect" content?

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing. What might be perfect for Person A will totally suck to Person B.
      I agree with this. There is no "perfect" content but there is good content. Find something that appeals to the customers in your niche. That's all that matters. Make sure content is so good that they will keep coming back for more.
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    You should have something interesting to say. Make sure you do your research and even point out examples of how other people agree or disagree with your stance if applicable.
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    As John says, forget about perfect because that is not going to happen. Nothing will bring on a case of writer's block quicker than sitting at a blank screen and thinking, "I must make this perfect."

    I say this as someone who has been ghostwriting professionally for a decade.

    The best advice is -- Know your audience. What do they want to learn about or be entertained by? Give them what they what.

    Write like you're talking to a friend, not like you're writing a school paper. Unless, of course, you are writing a school paper. In that case, stick to the rules.

    Try to add some personality to your writing and even some humor when appropriate.

    Look for unique angles. Even boring subjects can be interesting if you find a new twist on the material.

    Remember the old saying -- everyone looks at content thinking -- "What in it for me?" Show them how your article or video will help them achieve a goal.

    Let your writing sit overnight and then reread the next day. Read it out loud and see if it flows.

    Edit as necessary.

    If possible, let someone else read it. A second set of eyes never hurts. Not only can they catch errors that you miss, but they can tell you if you're being clear. You already know what you mean, but do others understand what you're trying to convey?

    Don't let fear get in your way. Put something, anything, on paper and you can work from there.

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    Originally Posted by jameer View Post

    What are the factors need to consider to make perfect content for a website

    Every piece of content on your web site should
    • Have a distinct purpose
    • Lead to more ideas, insights, tips, or problem-solving in your niche
    • Establish, strengthen or promote your brand
    • Somehow be linked back to your site so if the content is shared it will point viewers back to your site
    • Be compelling in some way so that it is memorable and produces some emotion or (hopefully) action in the reader
    • Be unique if at all possible ... and if it is not unique, it should be valuable and targeted to your niche (content from other authority sites or experts in the niche is fine - with permission, of course)
    • Be credible. If possible, verified as truthful and accurate.
    • Be interesting, or entertaining, or curious, or educational, or ???? (In other words, pleasurably readable ... not boring, tedious, dull, humdrum, bland or dead!
    Please note: the same principles apply to all forms of content - images, videos, audio, etc.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Another vote for what John said. There's no such thing as "perfect" content. If there was, it would have been discovered and rendered useless already.

    If you haven't noticed, content on the internet is constantly evolving, and no "method" stays popular forever.

    You'll notice this in all sorts of mediums - its why TV formats have their runs for a few years then eventually lose the interest of their audience.

    Instead, you need to constantly ask what your specific audience needs and wants (which will change almost from a daily basis) and try and adress that need as closely as possible.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Instead of "perfect"

    just get that article out there

    Make it your own voice, make it sound like a conversation.

    You will be building your own base. People will like your and there will be haters but just put your content out there.

    Of course, a little SEO and keyword will help a long way too
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  • The perfect content is long, relevant, with images, videos or infographic.
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    Originally Posted by jameer View Post

    What are the factors need to consider to make perfect content for a website
    I don't really think there is ever anything perfect in this industry, but you will want it to appeal to your audience
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    There is no such thing as "perfect content" but there is good content .A good place to start is knowing what types of content your audience wants and delivering it . You must also take into consideration your goals and map out a plan of how you are going to achieve your goal.

    page load speed
    key word usage
    website theme
    content both on and off page all are important factors to consider when producing content .
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    As stated earlier, perfect is a strong word.

    Your content can be very good for your audience and far from being optimized for SEO and vice versa.

    It always depends on your goal. Do you want to inform or sell?

    If you want to sell, there are psychological ingredients to have such as credibility and if your targeted audience likes you and wants to bond with you. You can do this through a text, an audio, a video or a webinar.

    For on-page SEO content, it depends on a lot of factors such as
    -the keyword(s) you target
    -the area or the country you target (,, etc.)
    -and many more aspects

    The problem with on-page SEO is that a lot of people mention great general things that sometimes work but not always, depending on context.

    I wish I could share a link of a video that talks about this. I'm new to this forum and I think that I can't put links.

    If you want the link of the video, send me a private message.

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    Consider your audience, seo, define your goals and your business model.
    and note that SEO content can include any of the following:
    • Product Pages
    • Blog Posts
    • Articles
    • Lists
    • Guides
    • Videos
    • Infographics
    • Slideshows
    • Glossaries
    • Directories
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    - Be helfpful (means knowing your audience)
    - Be entertaining...again this means knowing your audience and playing to your strengths - but be authentic, you won't appeal to everyone, but you will win over a loyal audience
    - Mix in video and audio with written content
    - Show and talk about real experiences/doing versus just theory...secret is that 99% of your audience WANTS something but are unwilling to take action - so they watch, study and are attracted to those that do...quickest way to get a following. There are likely thousands of people talking about what to do, but very few living the life and sharing their experiences - that's what you want to aim absence of that, tap into others giving them a voice
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    Some amazing advice from Warrior People. Just to reiterate:

    Write something that really connects with your readers.
    The more you understand your Market (etc.) the more you can create content that really helps them.

    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Content that adds value!
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    Originally Posted by jameer View Post

    What are the factors need to consider to make perfect content for a website
    1. Perfect brain
    2. Ice cream
    3. Boat anchor
    4. None of the above
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      1. Perfect brain - The person with the biggest ego
      2. Ice cream - Or cold Beer
      3. Boat anchor - Or a ticket on the Titanic
      4. None of the above
      You forgot one All the above. The Op has their work cut out for them using these suggestions.

      You can earn 10% average annual returns on your investments -
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    A perfect content is the one that Google loves, original, SEO friendly, that is long, has videos, social linkages, plagiarism-free and that also serves your purpose in terms of pre-selling, if you are trying to sell something.
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    Specific answer audience's problem.
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    Coming from an SEO standpoint keyword research is the most important part of content writing. If you aren't using the right words your landing pages won't highly rank on a search engine. If your pages aren't being ranked no one will see them, which will hurt a lot of digital marketing efforts. Doing your keyword research and targeting your niche audience is very important. Along with the right keyword you want to make sure you sound like a human and are relatable.

    Link drops not allowed -- link to your blog in your sig

    This blog post is mostly talking about blogging, but I think you can use each checklist for all the content on your site.
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  • Thorough Research or Previous Experience + Good Writing skill = Perfect Content.
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     Excellent overall writing skills in a number of different styles/tones
     Impeccable spelling and grammar
     A deep understanding of consumers and what motivates them online
     Great research, organizational, and learning skills
     High comprehension of software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs
     Familiarity with keyword placement and other SEO best practices
     Some experience with online marketing and lead generation
     An understanding of formatting articles on the web
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  • You need content that people are looking for and you need to get the content easy to find. It can help to enjoy the topic, but maybe what you enjoy is not profitable.

    The content should be easy to read, and have your personality in it. It doesn't have to be perfect. People don't want to read the same information as other content marketers.

    You can have the best written content in the world on how to make shoes for bears, but if nobody wants to read that information, nobody will read your content.
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    Content that solves problems for your readers is considered perfect content.
    People have to be interested in the answer, though. Use keyword tools to make sure there is interest.
    You can also check your own stats to see if your own readers enjoyed that content in previous posts.
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    Content creation is a bad business model; either help people make create content (offer scalable technology)/give them a platform or leverage other people' content (user generated). Creating content means you're entering a superparanoid competitive world.
    Do you need an exclusive video product?
    Graphics Design - Motion Graphics - 2D & 3D Animation - Video Editing - Color Grading - Logo Animation - etc
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    Main Ingredients of making great content for website
    1. Create Original Content
    2. Always Focus On Creating Strong Headlines
    3. Make Your Content Actionable
    4. Be Able to Provide Answers
    5. Be Accurate in Your Reporting and Sourcing of Information
    6. Create Engaging and Thought Provoking Content
    7. Communicate Better by Adding Images and Video
    8. Write Short and Pointed Content
    9. Make Continual Updates to Your Website or Blog
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    There is no such thing as perfect content. Most people fail in this industry because most are trying to be 'perfect'.

    Just be knowledgeable in an are where you feel you can offer others value. Do you best but don't try to be perfect.
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    Originally Posted by jameer View Post

    What are the factors need to consider to make perfect content for a website
    Hi there. The perfect content shall be simple and straight to the point. Most importantly such content must be up todate and relevant to the topic you talk about. If possible, add some testimonials to make it more impressive and interesting. Photos and videos would be a great help.
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    You article need to supply and solve a problem for your audience.

    Think in terms of solving and monetizing FIRST and then in term of writing.
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    Think helpful, not perfect, Jameer


    - solve reader problems
    - create posts persistently and consistently
    - build bonds with folks in your niche offsite to build links in
    - have fun

    Follow those steps to hit the ground running bro.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Hello Dear,

    I have recently read a post regarding one of our warrior members namely Dan Lok.

    You can see there is a combination of video, images and good content. I also feel the story is very good to read. If you you really want to consider something while creating your content, then i think you should choose absolutely your desired target related keywords, then make a nice video with your own voice. Also do not forget to put some fresh images there.

    As long as your content is fresh and nice it will surely help you boost your site.

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    Any content that keeps the end user on your site and engaged is good content, sometimes people think too hard about this stuff. Honestly, there are tons of boring or just poorly written posts at the top of the SERPS. Why? They match the query and they have tons of links, which were all gained using legit white hat methods.
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    Whatever you're promising in your headline make sure you deliver on that promise in your article. Ideally you should make it so that anyone who reads the article is able to solve the problem solely by applying what they learned in your article. Don't leave holes in your content. Be specific and make the solution crystal clear to the reader. If you can make it an entertaining read and informative then that's as close to perfect as you can get.
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    Good understanding of SEO, Time management, Editing, Knowing what you actually want to say, being original, using active voice etc are the basic requirements to write a good content.
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