Why do advertisers allow incentive traffic?

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I was thinking about incentive traffic from the advertiser's perspective and I don't understand why a network would payout for incentive traffic to their offers. If I give a visitor to my site an incentive to complete an offer, they clearly don't have genuine interest in the offer and are only completing it for the incentive. I have seen many offers, such as email submits and free trail CC submits that payout on submission of this info, and wonder how this can be profitable for the advertiser. Why are they paying me $5 for a lead when the lead is only completing the offer for an incentive I am giving them and will almost never result in a sale for the advertiser? Are they simply paying for the info (email address/CC info/etc)?
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    I see a lot of benefits like:
    1-More installs, higher ranking
    2-An attractive offer
    3-New opportunities
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    Why are they paying me $5 for a lead when the lead is only completing the offer for an incentive I am giving them
    If you find an offer paying $5 per lead that allows incent-traffic let me know.

    Incentivized offers pay pennies and are a numbers game.
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    Incentive traffic can be a very viable traffic source that can connect consumers to businesses in a short span of time.To get incentive traffic, you need to give something back to the user in return for completing the offer. It can be anything and can include points, cash rewards, or even gifts. It's a good technique to promote an app or business works very well.
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    For advertisers, they usually know how they will be able to generate profits from the back end. They most likely have a funnel in place, and have their calculations done.

    E.g. From their follow up of 1000 people who go through the funnel, they get an average of $2 to 3$ per subscriber thus they are offering $1 or more the people to help them get their subscribers (just an example)
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