Baffling: Sales letters that don't use the product they are pitching??

by Melody
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Hi all!

I've noticed a rather disturbing trend lately with vendors selling products - especially software - that is supposed to increase conversions etc - but they are not using their own technology on their sales pages?

If it works so darned well...why are they not using their own software?

If the developer of the product doesn't have enough confidence to use their own product...why should we?

I have seen this on several launches lately, and actually emailed a couple of the vendors...and of response.

Just curious as to how WF members feel about this? Do you buy products that look useful even if the seller/developer is not using it - or there is no live demo of the product?


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    I've seen this sort of thing over the years. For example, an Aweber user push GetResponse because they are having an affiliate contest or some other reason.

    In some cases, there may be good reasons. For example, a marketer may have graduated to Infusionsoft because he/she needs high-level features but recommend Aweber because his or her list is more suitable to become Aweber customers vs. Infusionsoft customers.

    While in some cases things like this may be justified, it's generally a turnoff for me.

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    One of the greatest time and money-saving skills a marketer can have is his/her own personal BS meter. You develop it as your experience in IM grows.

    Use it often.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    There's a product launch right now for personalization on websites and email marketing - and they are not using anything in their own campaign! I understand if the affiliates are not using the software yet but the product developer's email wasn't either!

    LOL - I was not one of their conversions ;-)

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    it's the main problem of CHURN AND BURN sellers: promoting products they don't believe it and not used it for merely a short commissions.

    Better focusin in products you believe and rinse and repeat your marketing messages around them
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    There's another side to this story.

    If you have some experience with marketing and your list is comprised of mostly newbies or basically inexperienced aspirants, you'd probably be wasting time and money purchasing every product you perceive as useful that comes down the pike.

    I'll give a recent example. I promoted Builderall for a week. It has a very good reputation and many recommend it. But the features and ease of use are elements that I have incorporated into my business years ago. No need for me to reinvent the wheel. But it can certainly be of value to others.

    Also, there are marketing opportunities that I am reluctant to get involved with, but are extremely popular among folks who are handy with a mobile phone. I don't add a personal testimonial, but craft my emails with input from the sales page.

    Oh sure, there can be spamming, but I don't see anything wrong with promoting courses, ebooks and software from reliable product creators who have a good track record and good reputation. In fact, if you wish to be more meticulous about the value of a particular course or software, you can check the various statistics on Clickbank and JVZoo - return rate, number of affiliates, sales, etc.

    Just one man's opinion...
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    I'm working on a site right now that will have thousands of content pages (self made file downloads) and be 100% dedicated throughout the entire site to one affiliate web host.

    I will host the site with the same affiliate host business and use that as part of my sales pitch (everywhere) and encourage traffic to verify with their favorite whois.

    I was on the fence about selling the downloadable files but I'm going to test giving the files away for free as a traffic/link building campaign and use the affiliate web host first. Long term, it will be a very low maintenance site (evergreen niche) and to be honest, not enough time in my life to provide one on one product support other than FAQs and tutorials.

    My focus is entirely based on a quality product and create trust by using the same host I promote. IMO, it's a no-brainer, everyone wins.

    Use the product you're selling to your own advantage.
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    If you have 100% clarity on doing this, more power to ya. You will sell and succeed and help folks. But I know of few humans who feel clear aka really amazing selling stuff they have never used, and cannot personally vouch for. I recall Tony Robbins selling a program he never used in his early days, when he was quite broke. I believe he could not afford it. He worked up the energy, and got clear, but it'd be tough for me to do the same. I'd rather use it or simply know a trusted, skilled friend of mine created it; then I know it's good money because I know my good buddies over years, if not a decade, since I have been online.
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