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I run thelogocompany.net and have been with CJ for quite a few years now. Over the years though the program has performed worse and worse to the extent it is almost a waste of my time and money running it.

We have reached out to CJ on many occasions to see what they can suggest we do to improve our results and even though they make suggestions as to what we can do more and we then implement those changes the results just don't materialise. So clearly we have something very wrong.

What can we do to improve our offer? How can we attract the cream or even just more people that will promote our offer.

I love the idea of affiliates selling our service because it means we can reach more people but we just can't seem to get this thing to fly.

Looking to hear any advice or tips and tricks that can help improve this revenue stream.

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    CJ is one of the oldest affiliate marketplace. I've also been working with CJ for last 5 years now. If you've selected good offers, there must have good conversions.

    Before trying to counter the issue answer me the following questions:
    Are you buying traffic ? Whats your promotional method ?
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    Im an advertiser, not an affiliate.
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    Without looking into your offers or business, it's difficult to really know where the problem lies. My guess is ... and it's only a guess of course ... that the problem is not with CJ or even your affiliates.

    Have you considered doing a very honest and thorough evaluation of
    1. Your maturing marketplace. It seems to me there are an awful lot of do-it-yourselfers making their own logos, self appointed graphic designers on Fiverr and elsewhere doing logos, and plenty of competitive logo companies in the marketplace. Go to any of the stock image sites and you will find logo elements and even entire logos by the thousands for sale. Could it be that the marketplace is changing? How is your business changing in order to adapt to the market desires of your audience for logos?
    2. Your products. Are they still relevant? Is this how people are buying logos today? Are your designs fresh and modern? Is your portfolio of examples up-to-date and impressive? I have noticed changes in mainstream logos over the past 20 years or so.
    3. Your best prospects ... who they are and where you can find them. The sentiment and preferences of your best prospects may be changing and it's possible that you are no longer reaching them. It's also possible that they are no longer resonating with your message, your service, and your marketing.
    4. Your business model and marketing campaigns. Do you still understand what works in your space and what may be now considered "old hat", outdated, or no longer relevant?
    I would suggest looking at your own business first. If you can honestly say that the problem is not in-house, then it's time to evaluate your affiliates and network associations.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Thanks Steve. Food for thought there. Im far too close to the business to answer any of those questions...and would not even know where to start finding out if any of those scenarios are true.

      Where can I get eyes on to review my offer compared to the current market?
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