How many backlinks is it safe to create a day?

by malong
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I want to create huge backlinks for my site, so I want to ask about this question.

Please answer it so I can choose, will I do my work or I must stop it.
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    You can do it. If you want to build a large number of links to your site, make sure you will have large number of content too. Otherwise, your site will look suspicious, and Google may ban you.
    Another thing you need to consider is about backlink speed. Backlinks to your site should be increase gradually.
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    Dear Friend First Create A Quality Contents And Start Slowly Building Backlinks & You Can Gradually Speed Up....And For Dear Visitors You Can Check This Websites For Amazing And Untold The Top 3 Facts Click The Link The Top 3 Lists - Redefine Your Lists
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    You can create many backlinks as you can. but it matters quality not quantity and avoid creating spammy backlinks.
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    Start adding quality backlinks, 2-3 links per week. Drip feed. Go slow.
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    The question is: are they backlinks that are perceived as created or perceived as earned?

    Created backlinks are links that you will create like (Facebook, Twitter and many other web 2.0)

    Earned backlinks are links that are perceived as earned (guest blog post or your website was mentioned on a website you don't control). Of course, if you use PBN, you control them but you hide that control. I won't enter on the debate of white hat or black hat SEO here even if I prefer white hat SEO.

    For created backlinks, you don't have to worry much about the speed at which you go.

    For earned backlinks, if you have traffic on your website, you shouldn't worry much about it. Even if you want to go fast, (if and only if) you do things properly (good SEO either with white hat or black hat techniques), you won't be able to go fast enough so that it looks suspicious and spammy.

    Wishing you the best,

    Nicolas Roy
    Warrior For Hire

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    you can make one keyword backlink to make your ranking high
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    15 to 25 links are enough in a day for a particular domain.
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    42 per day

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    You can create as many backlinks as you can but there shall be negative outcomes too, coming along it. By having said that, the point is about, by what means you are getting the backlinks and how you are generating them.
    By using some tools to generate the backlinks could be an easy way but would lead to spam ones and can affect the site negativity as well. Through automation, you can create thousands of them but it could be generally targetting the spam websites. So manually, it would be safe to generate 50-100 quality backlinks.
    So What I will recommend is, choose manual backlinks over automated.
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    You wouldn't want to indulge in such heavy backlinking stuff when there is no hurry. Doing this will only get your site into trouble. If it were that easy people would have generated millions of backlinks in the blink of an eye!
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    You can create as many as backlinks you can but the main thing is you need to develop your content and aim for the quality backlinks it is time taking process but when you constantly work on it you can get good results.
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    There is no single figure for every website. It depends a lot on how many links already exists, how old your website is, how big your domain is. You will have to closely follow how the links are added. If you website is no old and big, it better to go slow.
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    First look at your competition. Second, there is no "best practice" for "daily backlinks". Link profile should looks natural. That means that you should build your links consistently.

    Dont't focus on number of links, focus on quality on backlinks. It is ok to get few links from social profiles but of you want to make progress then consider to do guest posting.
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    Its not about number of links but quality backlinks. I believe, 50 links/day is good to start.
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