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Can you give me some tips on how to promote my music on SoundCloud?
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    Add a proper bio, proper links of the video's or music tracks that you want to promote, use the share buttons so that it can be reached to the audience easily, offer free tracks, share your Sound Cloud link to your social profiles, follow, follow and follow.
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    There are music promotion services that specialize in helping spread word about your music. They can help increase your online exposure and get more people to discover your music.
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    sign in to a record
    use youlikehits, like4like, kindomlikes
    by the way i'm musician too
    wanna talk?
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    1. Share your music publicly
    2. Make it easy for bloggers to access your tunes
    3. Share your works-in-progress privately
    4. Give away free tracks
    5. Stay engaged: check your comments, and comment on others' waveforms
    6. Join "Groups"
    7. Host a remix contest
    8. Follow
    9. Explore extra features
    10. Use SoundCloud's "Buy Links"
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    Coleen - I worked in the music business for 20+ years doing music marketing. The best thing you can do to get people interested in your music is play live. It's not sexy and it takes a lot of work, but because of this, most people don't do it. In fact, most people today can't do it.

    Of course, if you're just looking to "get your music out there," giving tracks away on Soundcloud (or elsewhere) is great. Not a business model if you don't have an offer or income stream behind it though.

    I wrote a book on how to do this, which you might find helpful. will take you to it on Amazon. will get you the audio book free with a trial to Audible.

    Good luck!
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    I can promote my site on SoundCloud
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