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Hey guys, for the last few years I've been focusing on free traffic sources to drive traffic to my site. However I am now looking for more reliable lead generation methods, particularly cash incentives to complete offers. Does anyone have advice for me in regards to cash incentives? (which network to use, best offer types, etc.) I want to keep the advertisers happy and continue for the long term. Thanks alot.
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    So, what I´m hearing is you´d like to look into affiliate marketing. Is that correct? there are several types of cash incentives out there. Some good and a lot which doesn´t work. I have personally come across a couple REALLY good ones, which I´d be happy to share with you.

    But mostly the rule of thumb is you´ve gotta look for incentives which has some kind of teaching included as a part of their programs... THAT alone will make it a LOT more attractive for newcomers to join and for you to build your team.

    Learn something new every day and you´ll succeed!


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    If I am correct...You are looking to make money by sending people to your site and having them to complete tasks on your site (clicking your advertisers ads)?

    I don't know if I am correct assuming that because your post is unclear to me.

    But...If I am correct, then you be doing something that is totally unethical (unless your advertisers agree to receive incentive traffic).

    And if your advertisers are coming from one of the big ad networks, then you are breaking their rules and will get banned if you get caught.

    That's assuming I am right about your intent.
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