Should I Write an e-book?

by Max Whitson 5 replies
I an in a bit of a pickle. I am in the process of starting a blog that gives people advice about sex. The problem that I am having is whether or not I should write my own book and sell it on Clickbank or not.

What worries me is that I would spend TONS of time making the e-Book, creating the website and many other things and not get any results or very little purchases.

I also do not know when the right time is to start writing an e-Book. Since this site is only about two weeks old I'm not sure if I should go ahead and start writing one or if I should wait.

How do you guys decide to make an e-Book without the fear that you aren't wasting any time and money?

I have done too many things over the past couple of years that just simple did not get me anywhere what so ever and I am determined to not let the happen again.
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    I also am in the process of writing an ebook and it does take a lot of time. If you are interested in making more money then you should go for it. There is no better time to start writing than right now. The longer you wait the longer your paycheck waits. The only way you could waste time and money is if you didn't follow all the way through. You shouldn't be determined to not let that happen again but should be determined to make it happen. The only failure is quitting. If you don't quit you can't fail.
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    I wouldn't start with a full ebook. Too much effort with no guarantee of success.

    I'd start with a short report. 10 pages or so. Take you a few days to write. Only needs a simple salesletter to sell. Sell it and build a list. Write other short reports to sell to them. Then compile the reports into a full ebook.
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    Hi Max:

    After writing and selling several ebooks, I suggest you go for it.

    Once I decide to commit, here's been my formula:

    1) Do some keyword research - you may find out that there may be an angle or two where you can capitalize on.

    2) Develop a strong eBook outline on all the information you want to include.

    3) Create sales copy or copy points highlighting why someone would want to buy your eBook. (This is suggestion is by self-publishing guru Dan Poynter).

    4) Publish your sales copy on a website/blog to let search engines start spidering your website. (In the past, I've always temporarily included my outline as well but that's just me).

    5) As you write your eBook, you can add selected copy from your eBook onto your website/blog so it shows the content is "growing."

    The reason for this is simple, rather than write your eBook, then build your website/blog, you're are doing them both at the same time so your site should already have traffic once you launch the sale of your publication.

    This has always worked for me. In fact, in one case, it took me almost a year before I launched the eBook but I was already getting about 100 visitors a day before I even sold one copy.

    Of course, this is just my two-cents but I wish you the best of luck--

    Michael Cruz
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    Originally Posted by Max Whitson View Post

    What worries me is that I would spend TONS of time making the e-Book, creating the website and many other things and not get any results or very little purchases.
    Max, don't make it unnecessarily hard on yourself. Get an opt-in form on your blog and start sending regular tips and advice to your subscribers.

    Put up a survey on your blog to determine the most pressing concerns of your readers.

    Between the tips you send out, and the feedback from the survey, you'll have the basis of your book just about covered.

    And you'll have some ready-made customers.

    Good luck!

    I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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