Repurposing Youtube Videos to your Facebook Fan Page

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I want to upload my youtube videos to facebook concerned with following:
1) Has anyone repurposed their youtube videos and placed them on their facebook fan page ? .....I heard if I upload my youtube videos to my facebook fan page it will create problems for me and i will be penalized some how because youtube is facebook competitor and they prefer facebook live videos
2) I uploaded a youtube video to facebook then took it down because after playing my video it displayed other related videos from youtube can i stop that from happening so that only my video plays and then stops so people can replay again without displaying other related videos for facebook viewers to click on
3) Any suggestions, options of approaching uploading videos i create to facebook that won't cause problems with facebook
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    Hi Onpointinfo,

    Best way round this is to take the first, say, 30 seconds of the .mp4 file of the YouTube video, and post it as a native teaser video on Facebook. Then, refer the viewer to click the YouTube URL link in the "comments" section underneath the Facebook post.

    Hope that helps.
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