Affiliate Program not paying out? or delay payments?

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering whether you guys have experience when an affiliate program not paying you the commissions you guys have been promoting for the products or services?

Earlier a few months back, I promoted Niche Profit Classroom 2 and made a couple of sales from it. It's a total of $150 bucks and that was in August. I was supposed to receive this amount this month but somehow I've only gotten $1 (not sure if they are fraudulent or their system has some problem). So far i'm only gotten $3.50 from there. And now, the commissions I'm supposed to get is $500-600.

When email their support, they didn't really answer my question and now, they are not answering my emails any longer.

This really suck because I've spent quite some money outsourcing the articles, promoting the launch and when I've made the money, I could not get the money.

So was wondering, does anyone have any experience with affiliate programs like this? or better still, is there any warriors who promoted for niche profit classroom but actually gotten paid by them?
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    Oh dear, Emma - it looks as though you might have found a bad apple.

    Have you tried searching in Google for this product? Look at other peoples' reviews - it might be a well-known scam, or maybe you've just been unlucky.

    In my (limited!) experience, when the support people don't answer your questions it's because they can't!

    Good luck anyway in getting your just deserts!
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    I would hope that they are not some bad apple because I thought they got quite a big launch. Affiliates like Ewen Chia promoted for them..

    Other people's reviews were quite positive but they are just like me, promoting niche profit classroom.

    So I thought I could find out whether if there's any affiliates who promoted them is also a warrior too.
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    • Emma,

      I'm sorry you have having a problem getting paid. If you can't get paid on your own...

      I ran into a guy a few years ago that did affiliate commission collection for affiliates. I just tracked down the site for you and it's still live, so I assume he still offers the service?

      I think he keeps a % if he's able to collect for you, so not sure if it is something you'd want to pursue but I wanted to pass it on in case it would help you or someone else reading this thread.


      Hope this helps and best of luck!

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        It's happen to me too..

        Exactly when I promote Megaredpacket by edmun loh, My customer did pay the three installment plan, but in my account there is only 1 sale in the first payment of the plan,
        I submitted ticket, and yeah they answer and very sorry then give the second commission, so it time to wait the last commission of the instalment..

        Ok a month latter, I didn't receive any commision yet, then I submited ticket and then what? they didn;t answer it, F**K!!

        I don't want to become your affiliate again Edmun, NEVER!!!!

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    I had an experience where I was not getting credited for sales at MarketHealth ... Was using PPC and Google was recording conversions that THEY installed the code for ... dropped them like a bad habit!
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      I gave MarketHealth a spin a few months ago, a lot of clicks, no conversions. Then I read up a bit on them and let's just say the bad reviews far outnumbered the good ones. I can't vouch for their inability to pay, but I certainly can for their lack of conversion with my traffic. I sent very high quality PPC traffic from mostly Google, and it's top dollar cost, there's no way I wouldn't have seen even one conversion on any other platform.

      Needless to say, I dropped their products immediately. MarketHealth was one of the rare companies that just didn't convert for me.

      Originally Posted by nekrozon View Post

      I had an experience where I was not getting credited for sales at MarketHealth ... Was using PPC and Google was recording conversions that THEY installed the code for ... dropped them like a bad habit!
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