Is it good way to increase DA for new site by redirect high DA site to new domain site inner page? | Transfer DA Power

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I have one high DA website which I not want to continue to run. It is just one-page tool website. But DA is really good. (Around 50)

I have other one brand new domain site which just starts a week ago. As of now DA is around 1.

I want to increase my domain authority to new domain website. So, I am planning to redirect old website to new website inner page for increase new website domain.

Is it good way or it is a black hat or something?

Please suggest me.




I am having a brand new website on which I will be giving information on different design companies (keywords are EXTREMELY competitive)

Given that I have a brand new website and keywords are super highly competitive, what is the best strategy to get those keywords start ranking higher on google search?

High DA website redirection to my brand new site?

Does that really work?

Example - website name is

Now I have got a very old 3rd party website ( which is actually a one page simple yet powerful tool or an HTML layout generator, etc and it has got very good credibility on the internet with good backlinks.

I am thinking of redirecting to

Am I doing it right ?
If I do it the way I have mentioned, Is this a legit way and a quick way to seriously start getting your keywords rank higher quickly? (Any chance of Google considering this grey hat/ black hat?)


If I don't take the above step of redirecting an old High DA domain and

given that the competition and the search volume of my targeted keywords, I am sure it will take me 1.5 to 2 years to reach on top page higher positions even if I perform all the best tricks in SEO regarding content, backlinks, etc.

Another question

For Google, HIGH DA means the website is having an authority and automatically google will start ranking that websites keywords higher on search?

Is that true?

If that's true, I will take the above step without any fears and start ranking in a couple of months rather then waiting for 1.5 to 2 years.

Just FYI - is a site related to web design companies information
and ( HIGH DA old website ) - is a site related to a web design tool and that's why I am thinking of redirecting to

Will Google find it relevant?

If this is legit, should I take this shortcut to Transfer DA of to and then hope for my extremely competitive keywords to start ranking in a couple of months?

Please help.
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    Depends on the niche of your both websites and the way you do it.

    check for the following steps before doing a redirect

    Check if domain is indexed
    Check the anchor profile of the domain - too spammy means it would affect your current site's anchor profile and possibly penalize it
    View the site via and make sure it was good site. Spam/porn/hacked sites will probably do more harm than good.

    Also, the best 301 strategy would be to link individual pages to specific new pages on your site. I would focus on the pages that have external backlinks and do a catch-all redirect to the homepage for the remainder .

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      I re-edit question again. Please check it again. Maybe It will help you more to understand my exact question.
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        DA is not Google's metric, so take that with a grain if salt. Redirecting us useful, better than not doing anything by far.

        Google will not automatically rank a page higher because if DA. You rank higher by getting backlinks from pages that have their own backlinks.
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    DA is not used by any worthwhile search engine on the planet.

    Redirecting a site with a good link profile can improve the link profile of the site it is redirected to, especially if the sites are relevant to one another.

    A site ranking well for "yellow cats" redirected to a site about "blue dogs" is not going to really going to help that site rank better for "blue dogs".

    You could do some messing around with the site structure and internal link patterns to kind of launder some of that link strength into more relevant links.
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