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Hey warriors

I've just run a campaign where I put 200 new leads through a FB ad (60p per lead), opt in (15% conversion), thank you page with affiliate link and then onto a sequence of about 3 weeks of daily/bi-daily follow up emails.

Of the 200 leads pretty much all of them clicked on the affiliate link on the thank you page, yet not one person bought the product...

It's a Clickbank fitness product that I've personally used and had huge success with, but the sales page is quite old fashioned and I'm wondering if that has something to do with why it hasn't converted...

Following on from that I haven't had one click on any of the follow up emails which I find strange as usually I get CTRs of 5% or so in other lists.

My questions are as follows:

Should I switch the initial product to a different Clickbank product to see if that converts? Or try a different type of front end product?

Should I put my main focus on getting some revenue on the front end over carrying on with daily emails to my leads who are further down the funnel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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