Physical Products Or Info Products?

by smile
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Hey Everyone,

I would love to hear your opinion on this. As an affiliate marketer what is easier to sell Info products or Physical products?

Some of my IM friends have said there is less competition with physical products as everyone always runs for Clickbank, etc and info products.

I have had good results with info products, I have just started marketing some physical products recently however, but I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

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    Testing will decide what's best for you.

    Test inexpensively like a Jr. scientist and you can test your way to massive success.

    All The Best!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Now that's a tough one.

    It really depends on the market.

    Some markets eat up digital products like candy (IM follks like us)

    Some markets would gouge out their eyes trying to consume your product if it was all digital (quilting comes to mind - can you imagine your 80 yr old grandmother reading an ebook?)

    I think you'll find that with a physical product, your product return rate will go way down though since they have to actually ship something back to you.

    I agree with TL - the best way to find out for your market is to test.

    I know as a customer I prefer physical products... especially if it's continuity. I've quit that have gone digital because they didn't have as much value to me and almost always cancel online membership programs within the 30 day trial period - if it's offline, I stick around a lot longer.

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    As most products we buy electronically steer us towards digital products, it seems that is where most of the money has been made. However, I wouldn't discount physical products, especially if they are in an area of interest you hold. I am looking into a few of them myself that relate to my hobbies to piggyback with a Google program I am using.
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    One thing I've never been short on is opinions, so you are sure welcome to one...:p

    Like another thread on free traffic vs. paid, I don't consider it an either/or question. There is money to be made on both, and no requirement that you only promote one or the other.

    I recall reading (Jim Cockrum's Ebay book?) a statement that went something like this:

    "People interested in buying [physical product] may also be interested in buying information about [physical product niche]."

    As in "people interested in buying quilting supplies may also be interested in buying information about making quilts."

    You can also turn that statement around...

    "People who buy information about [niche] may also be interested in buying products related to [niche]."

    "People who buy quilting books and patterns may also be interested in buying quilting tools and supplies."

    Make sense?
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    I have done both and been successful with both.
    Any niche that has physical products available will also be good candidates for complimentary digital products. They make great upsells and email sales.

    Whenever possible combine both and test, test, test. If you find that a physical product is way outselling a digital one in any niche (and bringing you more profit) then that is where you want to focus most of your time and only use the digital as an upsell.
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    • It's funny, as an affiliate management consultant, I grew up on the retail side of the affiliate business and most of my clients, forum members and affiliates promote physical products. For instance one of my clients is Google Affiliate Network and they have hundreds of retail affiliate programs, with probably millions of products, similar to CJ and Linkshare.

      So in my world, physical product affiliate programs are the mainstream and info products and CPA are more on the fringe. But I know here, it's just the opposite with most affiliates promoting info products and CPA.

      I really think it's mainly a matter of where you focus. Plus I think finding a great niche is the most important thing. Then find the right products that fit the niche, which in some cases, as others have said, could be both info products and physical products.

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    Hi smile
    Only testing can tell you that.Personally I would like to go with info products though.They are easy to create,maintain and deliver and you get much greater commission percentage than the physical products.

    But you should test both before choosing the better income generator.Just devote equal time and funds to each one and see which one provides the better returns.
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      As stated, it depends on the niche market you are in or targeting. I have actually had more success with physical products, but not as an affiliate.

      I actually set up as a dealer with companies that drop ship for me, and I handle the orders and order directly from the supplier.

      But again, certain markets are obviously digital ones, some are strictly physical ones, while others lend themselves to a little of both.

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        Digital or Physical should be a secondary consideration.

        Your primary focus should be...

        Finding markets with lots of prospects & offers proven to convert those prospects into buyers.

        As an affiliate, you're essentially a traffic broker. Keep your visitor value and amount of traffic to be had in mind.
        "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
        ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Digital products seem to be easier to sell if you have a convincing sales page, because people get it immediately so you can play on human impulse. Customers need to actually want a physical product even more, because they have to wait for it to arrive.
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    Info products allow higher commissions passed on to you, but if you are selling plasma TVs you can get a fat commission also ... just make sure you deliver working solutions to your client then decide what you like the best!
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    In my opinion digital products are much easier to sell. Although there is more potential with physical products because you can sell pretty much anything. For example many people are looking for information on different types of topics which makes selling ebooks very easier to sell. Basically selling physical products can be very competitive but again like others have said it really depends on the market. But if you do keyword research correctly you can find some great keywords to target in any niche and sell either digital or physical products. This is just my own opinion.
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      I agree that only the market who will determine which area is the most suitable to sell now.You should continue where you can better sell and compete.
      For me i prefer the info products as it has continues upgrade and you can have better chance with it.

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    Wow! that is excellent guys and gals, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas, I really do agreee with many of you that it is all about the market and testing, so i will test them both and see what happens and as a few of you said heck why not both both

    Thanks alot again,
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    I would think it would depend on the market and what the demand is for the product. One thing info product has over physical is that it can be created by you and instantly delivered to the consumer. This gives you control over pricing and competing with people who have the same product. Both can be profitable depending on how you market. I think it would be up to how good you are at marketing.
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    I have never tried promoting Physical Products.. The main reason is because info products are much easier to send and resolve any issues that may occur...

    I am not a big fan of shipping so I think I will stick to info products for now
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    Well, as an internet marketer. I tend to sell info product because I find it to be easier to sell.

    However, I will target physical product when I'm creating niche site and monetize it with Adsense + Amazon or Ebay. It's good money
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