Shopify: How should I structure my campaigns & adsets with $1,000 budget?

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⚠️ Can someone please give me some advice!? ⚠️

I just finished building out a new store, I have a $1,000 budget for ad spend.

How many products should I start testing and how many adsets should I have for each campaign?

Also, I plan to set the daily testing amount to $10 for quick data or should I set it at $5? (please keep my budget in mind)

Please let me know, I am open and grateful for any recommendations or advice! Thanks wishing success to ALL!
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    Hey creativeprophet,
    if i was working with your budget i would test your top 5 hottest products with $100 each on a $10 daily budget.

    I would then run further ads on the top 3 products that did the best during testing. I would spend $160 on each product on a $10 - $20 daily budget.

    Also i don't know if your already have one, but i would invest in an auto responder and have 1 or 2 products your testing on a special offer if they sign up to your email list.

    From there your keeping your customers that you've spent money on to get in ad campaigns, and you can promote more special.

    If your were to get one I would recommend one called market hero, Google it see what you think. I like this one because it shows you how much you list is worth and it comes with a free trail.

    Hope this helps, of course this is just a rough plan on how i would budget it, use your own judgment as well.

    All the best.
    Good luck with your store!
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