Tier 1 VS. US-Only Traffic

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Hey, I hope you all doing well. I've come here again to hear your opinions, pros and cons, regarding T1 vs. US only traffic. Here is some background:

Tier 1 Traffic could be from any of these:
-United States
-United Kingdom
-New Zealand
All of them are English-speaking countries.

In the other hand, we got US-Only traffic, which is pretty self-explanatory:
-Only United States.

The question is, which one to prioritize/consider? pros and cons? T1 Traffic has obviously has a wider audience; however, is that a good thing? Does it depend on the niche one is promoting?

Generally, I've seen that US-only CPC is higher, why is that?

Let me know what you think and your experience with each. Thanks

Take care.
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