After graduating I started an affiliate marketing blog. Advice on plan?

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I have started a blog archiving my progress in learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and I plan to get affiliate commissions from book reviews, affiliate courses and eventually starting my own courses and using sales funnels to increase conversion. In the mean time I will mostly be focusing on learning as much as I can, writing great content and building my audience and mailing list.

Does this sound reasonable? Am I too far up my own ass to not see a better way? I'm super excited to be able to make my first cent and will be sure to maintain my momentum as I grow, I get this will take time but I wish to make intelligent decisions that have been PROVEN to work.
Any advice? Thank you for your time.
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  • Learn how to use Clickfunnels and promote affiliate programs thru your blog.
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    Sounds OK plan wise but ask yourself: what is my intent?

    It is OK to want to make money but devote a little bit of your energy to outcomes aka money and most of your energy to service. Make your blog about helping people in your affiliate niche of choice, and focus on building bonds with top folks in your niche. 2 surefire ways to lay the foundation for a successful, prospering venture.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thank you, very good advice.
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      Thanks also for your advise! I am, too, a newbie in affiliate marketing. I hope I will follow the right path in increasing my traffic first.
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    If you do what others do, you will have to face a lot of competition. Try to do the same thing differently. Otherwise, you will end like a lot of commoners who were no different from others.

    But doing what others do is a risk-free business. That way it is safe to venture into it
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    Since you are currently learning about affiliate marketing why not promote products in a targeted niche that is not related to "make money online"
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      The reason is i joined a platform called wealthy affiliate. I will earn a healthy commision for every sign up i get, but i couldn't think of being in a niche that makes sense to promote an affiliate marketer program. Can i, say, be a part of the "football niche" and still promote their platform?
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        Originally Posted by Champinthemaking View Post

        The reason is i joined a platform called wealthy affiliate. I will earn a healthy commision for every sign up i get, but i couldn't think of being in a niche that makes sense to promote an affiliate marketer program. Can i, say, be a part of the "football niche" and still promote their platform?
        You are making the same mistake thousands before you have made. You want to teach people something you don't yet have a clue how to do because some "opportunity" promises you big commissions for selling their opportunity.

        Look at one of the most often cited affiliate success stories -- Pat Flynn.

        Flynn makes a lot of money as an affiliate now, but he got his start with a real product in a non-MMO market -- selling a guide to passing a professional exam for architects.

        Learn your craft by doing it, not by parroting back something you read or saw in a video. Use the teaching and techniques you learn in WA to create something besides another WA promotion masked as a 'follow me' blog.

        Otherwise, the only chance you have is to fight with all the other people trying to hustle commissions from the same group of suckers. If you can honestly say "here's what I used what I learned in WA to make a mark in the football market, you can do the same in your chosen niche", you'll be way ahead of the crowd.
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          Very enlightening, I really appreciate the experienced perspective. I'll adjust my plan accordingly.
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      Such kind words, I won't give up. I just have to keep learning and take intelligent action.
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    Keep high quality content, then you will have brand, then affiliate will works.
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    Very good advice from others - pick a niche market - something in health/fitness, relationships, gaming, technology, or a hobby and build up a following + some affiliate sales in that industry...that way you get align your lifestyle with a business - then if you choose at that time, you can target others who want to follow in your footsteps and know how to launch and grow their own affiliate business.
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    "Great content" should help you make inroads.What niches with in "affiliate marketing" will you specialize in ? And how does book reviews relate to your business.
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      I was going to perform in the mmo niche but since I'm a complete novice i decided better to put it off til i have proof my methods work. Now I'm focusing in the "learn to draw" niche and will recommend helpful art books to my audience through amazon.
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    Hi Champ,

    The advice given about holding off on the MMO niche is a good one.

    However, don't be discouraged. You don't have to have massive success or be a guru to do well in the MMO niche...while having integrity at the same time.

    What I suggest you do is pick a solid method...such as learning how to create a funnel promoting a product and driving some traffic to it via FB or some other paid method(always start at a low budget $5-$10 per day)...

    And then when you have success you can create a report here on the Warrior Forum on how I Did X(whatever you accomplished).

    And success could only be something like making a few hundred dollars. A lot of people would like to know how you did that as well as some mistakes you made along the way.

    That is how I got started. I was making some niche sites back in 2009 and had some success and made some videos about it and sold it for $7. That one product made all the difference in the world for me because it allowed me to build a buyers list(as well as paid my rent for August 2009 and basically saved me from getting evicted)

    I never looked back after that.

    So lets say you find a course called Traffic Gorilla(just making this up) as it has a good reputation. You would then follow it to a T. Learn some things on your own. And you could make a course on how I drove X amt of visitors to my site in X amt of days...then contact the owner of the course and ask him to promote it for you!

    That's one of the reasons I did so well. I used a piece of software in my course and told the software creator about it. He promoted it for me and I sold 1,000 copies of that $7 course in 7 days. And that is not counting profits from my email list which is where the real money is.

    Now, I made the suggestion about creating a funnel and driving some cheap, paid traffic to it because you will get results much quicker than with SEO or blogging.

    I hope this helps.

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    The simplest advice i can give regarding affiliate marketing is doing one of 2 things (or maybe even both):

    1) Promote an affiliate offer where you get paid monthly commissions for as long as the customer stays in the program


    2) Promote a high ticket affiliate product so you can profit easily - and immediately

    With affiliate marketing in general, you dont get the customer name, so you cant do any backend marketing to them. Some affiliates like to add bonuses for ordering through their expensive link and etc.... but if you're just promoting something where you make $10 commissions and you cant setup a backend system that will eventually land you bigger profits... then i just dont see the point in all of the efforts.

    ...unless every single sale you get is from free advertising/marketing.
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    Thanks for the advice!!
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