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This is a little tip that I use on one of my business sites that I thought I would share. It may not work for every niche but it made a big difference in my business.

I used to get just a TON of emails everyday asking questions about the service I was offering. I had an optin form on my site but they just were not signing up even though I offered a freebie.

Then I got an idea. Most of the questions I was receiving were the same questions and a request for a quote. So I did a bold move. I removed ALL contact info from the website. They no longer could email me with their questions. Instead I answered those questions and included a price list and made it into an ebook. Then I changed the optin form to say...download the FAQ and price list.

Now instead of receiving one or two opt ins per week I am consistently getting 30-40.

As I said, it may not work for every niche, but give it a try. Leave out a key piece of info and make them download it through your opt in.

Let me know how it does for you!
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    Nice work Cathy, something I'm learning at the moment is the fewer choices you give a visitor the more chance there is that they'll do the one thing you want them to do :-)

    Not Only That, It's Perfectly Legal & Whitehat!
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    This does work very well even in the local IM niche. Good! Thanks for the post!

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    Your welcome I am glad to share. List building is such an important part of the success puzzle and the most challenging to achieve in some instances. I hope you give it a try.
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