Help! WordPress or Blogger?

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I want to start not a techie in any form or shape, but want to choose the right platform...

Any advice on which is more effective? Easier to work with?

Thanks for any and all comments!
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    Blogger is very easy to work with. I have both blogger and wordpress pages. I think Wordpress is a more advanced platform with the capability to do more. But if your going for simple than I would say Blogger.

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    Self-hosted or not?

    Wordpress if it's self-hosted. Otherwise i would go with blogger.

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    Wordpress is more advanced and you can host it on your own hosting account. If you need it installed or if you want some tips you can contact me.

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    I would definitely go with wordpress. If you ever have the inkling to make your blog into something bigger later, wordpress will allow you to do that much easier. Blogger is simple yes, but it's not a good platform for those trying to grow a blog. It lacks a lot of great features that your blog will really need to succeed.
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    I use both. Blogger is great if you are just testing out a market. Since it is a Google product it typically does not too bad in search engines.
    If you plan to make this a permanent blog or want to use it for promoting affiliates you may want to go with a self hosted Wordpress blog because Google can and DOES often freeze blogger accounts if they think they are too promotional.
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    like cathy, i too use both. i like the flexibility and style of the wordpress platform for my self hosted sites.
    for quick down and dirty niche testing, i go with blogger, takes about 5 minutes to put one up if you already have your concepts in order.
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    Wordpress. No question about it.
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  • If all you want to do is blog then use Blogger. If you have aspirations of making money and a plan to make it happen then use WordPress.

    I've seen some very successful blogger sites that leverage the built in authority. But you also take the risk of pissing off the Google God's who can shut you down in a heartbeat for no reason.
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        If you are doing simple Blogging, go with Blogger. If you are just starting out and want to get a blog going quickly, go with Blogger. I am also technically challeneged and WP has a learning curve.

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          When you say wordpress, are you referring to the self-hosted version or the version? If it is a choice between and blogger, then go with blogger. Very easy to use. Plus blogger allows google adsense, whereas does not. But if you were considering then it all depends on how much effort you're willing to exert, and what your purpose is in having the blog. is far more flexible and powerful, but as others have said, it does have a learning curve.
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    Google is easier, is not that hard. There are help files on both to get you through. You have nothing to lose since they are free. Try them both and have two blogs!
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    I've heard a lot of people here say that Wordpress is more preferred by Google and that Wordpress was the better of the two. Could someone clarify this with a little more information?
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    Google owns blogger, so just like other Google sites (Say, orkut) they naturally rank higher. Just like Geo-cities page (used) to rank higher in yahoos algorithm.

    I would say wordpress; most shared hosting servers have a fantastico panel which can create one for you automatically. Installing themes is as simple as

    1ownload theme, unzip it
    2:Copy folder to Home>Blog Folder>Content>Themes
    3:Go into wordpress, click the themes tab on the left, click "Activate theme"

    Edit the graphics in the images folder as you wish, and overwrite the ones in the folder you copied to your server.

    Further modifications mean you need some CSS knowledge. But theres a TON of wordpress plugins that can usually work around that if you simply dont want to learn.

    Wordpress for the win!
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    I am with wordpress on this one. Because if (and it is very likely that you will) you need multiple pages, with sub-pages and stuff, you will have to do "A LOT" of work.

    The only trick is to publish your pages as posts (with a backdate time stamp). And then you will have to create/edit the navigation bar creator.

    With the website I was working, I just found blogger a bit too much of a hassle.

    But yes, you can do that for one or two pages, sure. (My website was more of a CMS than a pure blog)

    Also, if the pages are not a problem, I'd recommend Blogger when it is hosted on blogspot.

    For self-hosting, I would still recommend Wordpress.

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      I have to side with those who recommend wordpress. While having an opinion is one thing... you know what they say about opinions... end results are what matter to me and those can't be argued with. I've used both hosted blogger blogs and hosted wordpress blogs and I've experienced much better results with wordpress in terms of relevancy search engine rankings, design options, actual site functionality, etc. And for me, I think wordpress is more intuitive and easy to use.

      I wouldn't argue that somebody else could have the completely opposite experience - I think it all comes down to which you feel more comfortable with and which produces the best results for you. Why not start one of each, really give them a go and see which you feel more comfortable with? All said and done, maybe you can get both of them ranked at Google securing yourself double the exposure!
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    Wordpress all the way. There is so much more you can do with it. Also, if it is self hosted, you don't take the risk of blogger shutting down your blog (which has happened to some).
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        It is very much worth the effort to learn how to use Wordpress.

        Use your own domain.

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          I should add that I am a non-techie, and have managed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.
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    Always use Wordpress hosted on your server because then it is very much your property and easier to sell when the time comes. A blog is a business and we should always have an exit strategy that includes selling the business in the form of the blog. Good luck with your blog!
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    Go with wordpress, it will save all the hassle later on, and its very SEO friendly. There are a ton of video tutorials for free out there that will teach you everything you need to know.

    Hell, if you have hosting, fantastico will do the install for ya!

    Besides, you're in total control of everything then, and all the hard work you put into it will pay dividends in the LONG RUN.

    As mentioned above, if and ONLY IF you decide to pack it all in one can sell your blog!
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    I recommend Wordpress and your own domain, rather work, promote and build something that you own yourself and not a free site

    Just my advice
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    If self hosted, Wordpress.

    If not self hosted, Blogger.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
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      If you look at which platform the successful Bloggers are using, you will no doubt choose WP. I can't quote exact stats, but the guys who are making BIG bank with their blogs (Mashable, ProBlogger, Yaro etc.) use WP. (BTW, Mashable has a street value of $5+ million) good to know eh?

      I've read where some guys say use Fantastico to install WP if you're going the hosted route - I say Do NOT use Fantastico, rather use the Simple Script option and here's why... the level 3 support guy at my ISP told me he gets 10x more calls from Fantastico v. Simple. I was wanting to install the Headway Theme but since my WP install was initiated by Fantastico, it wouldn't load properly.

      Check the free Amazing Grace Theme. Vladimir is an awesome WP guy and the 12+ plug-ins I've installed work nicely with his WP code.

      Last tip, use Firefox, right click any hot blog view page info and see what version of WP the big boys use and you'll they all use WP.
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  • Bloggers SUCKS and Wordpress is totally, totally badass!!

    Never, ever user blogger unless you absolutely have no money at all!

    Thats my two cents
    "The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do"
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    Wordpress, hands down.

    In my experience, Blogger properties take forever to get indexed.

    Ultimately you'll want to self-host your blog, and WP is the ultimate platform for that IMO.


    "If you have a strong enough why, you can bear almost any how."

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    WordPress and self-host it. Installing it the first time is a bit of a challenge simply because all the instructions are written for techy people by techy people, but if you take your time you can do it. (I did and I'm definitely not a technical person, just determined.)

    Self-host if there is any way you can swing it financially, then it's yours to do what you want with, and it can't be shut down by some faceless company because of some dumb rule they decide to come up with. Always try to be in control of your content and your business, you work too hard on it all to have someone arbitrarily take it away. And it does happen.

    Something to remember about self-hosting, too -- depending on the hosting company you go with, you're not limited to just one web site (your blog), you can add multiple more sites for only the cost of the domain name. Most hosting accounts cost roughly $9 or $10 per month and allow you to have a very large number of domains for no extra monthly charges. Want 10 different blogs? Not a problem, buy the domain names for $10 each per year and add them to your hosting account, no other charges apply. If you sell in several different niches, this is a huge plus.
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    wordpress has the best features which are not there in blogger.But since you seem to be a newbie,it is better to start with a blogger blog in case you are concerned about losing a little money for hosting.
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    Wordpress, Self hosted - Self Managed - Reliable.

    You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world.

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    I'd say Blogger......Wordpress is fine also....just depends what you want... my Bloggers sites are ranked on top of Google......and deep down I think Google likes blooger better...........LOL....if you know what I mean
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    I'd go with wordpress you will have a opportunity to grow it.

    just what i think.

    Clint S.

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    You should stay with wordpress as it's gaining popularity day by day. Especially wordpress that is self-hosted where you can control all your plugins, your themes, your code etc etc.

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