How to Spend Over $1000 a Day On Native Ads & TRAP BOTS Before You Go Broke.

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In this post I want to share a method I recently started implementing on all of my native ad campaigns in 2018.

I run a lot of native ads to CPA offers using advertorials mostly. In one of my previous posts on here I shared some insights on my $400,000 spend in 2017....but a lot has changed since 2017. (Here: )

Many might not know this but Native Ads are like the WILD WEST for bot fraud.

I am confident that I probably give fraudsters about 20% of my spend if not more. But I am still making money from Native Ads which is why I still invest there.

If I had to guess I would say 90% of people first starting out on Native Ads will fail miserably.

The reason - they aren't aware of how bots can eat away your budget without you even knowing. Bots are very sophisticated today, but at the same time they can be caught.

There are also tools now that help you to automate some of the things I am going to explain below, but for the most part I make profits without using automated software just takes a little more work.

So on that note let me walk through a few simple things to do first before you start running $XXXX a day spend on native ads like,,, Yahoo Gemini ETC....

Step 1 - Get Yourself an ad rep on the native ad network you plan to spend on. You don't have to be a big spender to get a rep. They know what's working they know the crap placements and the good placements. Talk to them and make sure they know the niche you want to target. Request from them a blacklist for whatever network you are on. If they are good they will provide this to you. If any ad rep tells you to just go Run of the Network (RON) with no guidance then you know they are full of $@% and they just want you to spend. It's easy to spend $100 a minute on some of these networks if you have your settings to go RON.

Step 2 - Do some spying and find out if the stuff you want to run is actually making any dent in the native ad network you want to run on. If you see others running ads in this niche for 15-30 days then it's a good sign,

If you are promoting something off the grid then you just gotta jump in and work with your account rep for some insight on the target audience you want to focus on. You also have to do your own due diligence and research your target audience etc... (hopefully the ad reps have some knowledge on what placements fit with your audience and aren't just trying to get you to spend)

Step 3 - Make sure you can track every single piece of data you can before you turn on your campaign - this is where you are going to have to ensure you have the ability to drill down reporting. Strive Tracker is what I use, but Voluum and other mainstream trackers will do fine too. Eventually you have to be able to kill placements (or as some networks call them "widgets").

Start with with a Blacklist campaign which is basically a campaign where you will be blacklisting bad widgets. Then once you have enough data you will start to move all your winning widgets or placements to a new Whitelist campaign which is basically just a duplicated campaign for just the winners at which point you can place higher bids and winner better placements and ultimately scale faster.

4. You will always keep your blacklist campaign running, but you must set up a bot trap on your landing page for this.


This trick wont catch every bot but in my experience it catches about 10 bots in every $200 spend.

Many bots are programmed to click on the ad link (so the bot maker gets paid) but also many will click on a link on the landing page so that it appears as a real person to both the native ad network and the person buying traffic from them.

So a simple way to catch a bot is to set up links on your page that no real person would click, but only a bot would.

For me I usually just make the "Advertorial" word at the top of the page the link that is my bot trap. So in Strive I set up a "multi offer" landing page and for the word "advertorial" I make sure that it is linking to "Offer 2" or I name it BOT TRAP (which in effect is still the actual offer I am promoting but its labelled as BOT TRAP in Strive reports).

Now in my reporting I will be able to drill down and sort by "Widget ID" that clicked ""BOT TRAP".

Then I will blacklist those widgets from my campaign. EVERY SINGLE DAY there are at least 5 - 10 new bots that I block because they clicked the word Advertorial.

Now, If anyone clicks on the link "Advertorial" I will assume they are bots. To me this means they are a bot, or the FTC lol. Either way they need to be blocked.

So this is just one trick I use to filter out the crap placements. There is definitely a ton more to do when running native ads but hopefully this helps some of you and I would love to discuss more if anyone has comments......
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    Hello Mr.Joey

    How are you i hope you are fine and doing well,

    Really Really ...... i dont know what to say i have read your article 1 year ago you posted it about the 400.000$ you spent looool . you really opend many doors for me and you are a really good man explains things to every one.

    im new in this ads business and im planning to build a mobile app its a game and i spent 7 month's without knowing even how to start earning money every time i post a question in many forums but no one gives me the right answers or how it should be done. But after I read your articles its not that easy many things I have to understand.
    Ist ok to referee to you if need some help I mean if that's ok with you

    Adi Edward
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    Hi Joey,

    It's to meet you, I am also running Native traffic .

    From 1th May to 12th June, I spent about 8K USD in Content.Ad, I am also trying to test RevContent, but it seems their rules are stricter than Content.Ad.

    The offer I am running is Free Trail stuff, Muscle and Skin etc.

    What do you think of free trail things, they are down recently.

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      It can still be approved on Native networks but recently banks have been cracking down on trials...due to the poor marketing tactics and re-billing schemes. There is limited cap these days for nutra muscle skin trials...days are numbered in my opinion.

      I MADE OVER $3,000,000 ON CPA LAST YEAR

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        Originally Posted by Joey Babbs View Post

        It can still be approved on Native networks but recently banks have been cracking down on trials...due to the poor marketing tactics and re-billing schemes. There is limited cap these days for nutra muscle skin trials...days are numbered in my opinion.
        Clicked on your 'Training Program' link.

        404: Oops, this page couldn't be found.

        Excellent marketing. :-)

        "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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        Joey, do you have any idea about how to scaling Native campaign ?
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          Originally Posted by TaoYue View Post

          Joey, do you have any idea about how to scaling Native campaign ?
          I have done an entire course and webinar on native ads and still run native ads now. The easiest answer to that is to duplicate your blacklist campaign into a whitelist campaign so you run a clone of it. A blacklist campaign basically means a Run of the network campaign where you are blacklisting poor performing widgets and/or placements. Usually called widget ids, placement ids, or something like that.

          Now with all your winning widgets that you find in your blacklist or (RON) campaign move them into a Whitelist campaign and raise the budget and bids on that WL campaign since you know those widgets perform and you can increase your traffic to them with better rank. It also helps to pause those widgets on your blacklist campaign now that they are on the WL campaign. But sometimes I leave them live on BL campaign as well since the WL should outperform it at a higher bid anyway...but this is subject to varying opinions and I test this differently on different niches/campaigns. (because essentially if you don't remove from blacklist you compete with yourself).

          If you were to raise the budget/bids on most native networks on your blacklist or RON campaign you can go broke fast unless they have ability to raise per widget like MGID but even then it is better to keep a winning WL campaign separate. Eventually your whitelist will become very valuable to you.

          That's just one way to scale there are obviously a few more like getting high CTR ads, spreading to other networks, etc...

          I MADE OVER $3,000,000 ON CPA LAST YEAR

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