Adding bonuses with an offer (Newbie)

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With the product Im selling, and the bonuses Im offering, where can a person get extra relavent material like ebooks, reports, etc. with reprint right, free material and what not.
Ebooks like small buisness success, or time managment for___________ (my niche inserted), or 7 deadly mistakes when marketing ___________ or ????.

Id like to add quality to my package with material that apply (or can easily be tweaked to appy) to my niche.

Is there a site that I can get this material from?
Places I can request info from?

Thanks Everyone!
I REALLY enjoy the quality on this forum.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Don't want to appear to advertise anything, so pm me.

    Also, is it particularly the small business niche you're after, or are you just asking in general?

    Best wishes,


    Gil-Ad Schwartz

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