I found a cool Wordpress Theme Generator!

by Mmfh
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Hey I ran into something I think is pretty cool today when I should have been working.

Its a Wordpress Theme Generator, its totally internet based so there is nothing to download. You play with it and get it the way you want and tell it to generate and its done.

Click on save and it saves it as a zip file and you can then upload it to wordpress. Pretty cool!

Its not the fullest featured thing I've seen but its free and easy and nothing to download.

If you want to check it out than Wordpress theme generator is back! - theme-generator, design your own wordpress theme

If you know of anything else like this I would love to know.


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    Thanks it is good
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    I want to thank you and I WAS able to get to the site. IO am really looking forward to checking it out as almost all of my sites are WP based for now.Gets me good traffic!
    Thanks again!

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    Thanks for sharing the link

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    Slick little tool for those that want to dabble in WP theme creation.

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      Originally Posted by goliathseo View Post

      Slick little tool for those that want to dabble in WP theme creation.
      That's exactly what I thought! The thing I really thought was so cool is that it is so easy to work with. In about 5 minutes I had something that didn't look too bad.

      I'm glad you guys liked it!


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        Thanks for the excellent link.

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    Sigh! Doesn't seem to work with a Mac. Can't unzip the downloaded file.
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    Thank you for the link... wordpress is my favourite!

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    Wow, sounds cool. I might check on this one!

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    I will check it out, thanks
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