Facebook leads or sales?

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Hey guys,

I tried advertising on FB but without much success. I'm just not that great at converting leads into sales.

So I've been sticking to bing but I really want to scale up my business and so I'm thinking of dabbling into fb ads again. However I REALLY hate email marketing so I wanted to know have you guys had success just going for the sale on FB ads or should I stick to using FB ads to get leads and figure out how to convert them?


NOTE MY QUESTION IS: Do you guys use facebook ads for sales or leads?
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    Your question is quite general and it's hard to identify the right problem to find right solution for you.
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    So you're doing Facebook ads, but you're just not converting leads into sales.
    You're spending all this time making the ads ..
    not to mention the money that goes into them..
    and you're still at 0.

    My question is: why?
    All the best businessmen I know are good at only 3 things.
    "Their top 3," as they call them.
    Everything else they outsource.

    So why not just find someone who's great at facebook ads to do them for you?

    Or an Email writer. Check this =: https://optinmonster.com/email-marke...19-statistics/

    Weather you love or hate email, it's #1. in business.
    It might be worth it to have someone write emails for you so you don't worry about it.
    Whatever you decide: my advice is outsource.
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    I would take what's working with bing ads and apply it with Facebook ads. Then keep tweaking the campaign to optimize it. I use Facebook ads for lead generation. I'm personally selling a high ticket offer and closing people on the phone. I'm not sure what your process is or what you're selling so it's tough to give specific advice.
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  • Try to redirect subscribers to the offer after opting in and then to follow them with emails.

    If you really hate email marketing,you should invest in done-for-you services so that others do the selling for you while you just supply the traffic.

    I hope that helps and I wish you good luck and much success!
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