What Niches provide more than 10 high-quality offers with "depth"?

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I have a unique technology that is very suitable for "content / product recommendation", but it needs some good niches to be useful, and I would appreciate your help with this.

Note: looking for affiliate marketing offers.

How it works
Say a user is looking to buy a SmartPhone - a product with a lot of depth and many parameters:
Budget, OS, Size, Camera, Battery life, Special features (like water resistance, heart rate, etc), and much more.

An automated agent asks the user questions that help suggest the correct model, and where to buy it, and it works really well.

Example of niches where it is not effective
Think of VPN services, AntiVirus, website hosting - they are very narrow, essentially all the same feature-set and prices. A top 10 table with rating for each item serves better then a "personalization" technology in these cases.

So Which Niches are right for my technology? (Need affiliate offers)
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    You're confusing "niches" and products. A niche is the positioning of a business within the marketplace to address the issues of concern to prospects.

    Since you're looking for affiliate marketing offers, you should focus on products/services that have a variety of affiliate sellers. People don't buy "niches" - they buy products. So if I were in your shoes, I would go to Amazon and similar sites that carry large product offerings. Review their menus and see which products have many brands and models attached. These will most likely be a good fit for your software.

    You are the one that needs to do the homework. I would start with just a few competitive products and test your software and selling system on them. Once you have proven your selling model, then ramp up by broadening your scope to other marketplaces.

    Good luck,


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