Is it possible to link Payoneer bank account with Paypal?

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I would like to know if it's possible to link between my Payoneer bank account with Paypal.

I already tried but it got rejected, but the reason why i'm asking this question is because i heard that some people managed to do so somehow ! Is there a way around it ?

I'd appreciate anyone who can point me out to the right direction and share this info with me i'll be deeply greateful.

Thank you in advance
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    From the Paypal community site...

    Thanks for reaching out to us here. Due to the risk associated with these types of banks, we do not allow them to be used through PayPal. You would have to add a tradtional bank account to withdraw funds.
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    Originally Posted by kurosaki4d View Post

    Is there a way around it?
    Well,, that's certainly a trust builder!

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      I'm just trying to figure out if they have another possibility that they don't expose to everybody so they would limit the maxium amount of people connecting with their virtual banks !

      I know some people who succeded to do so a couple of years back but refused to tell me how they achieved it !
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