Branding question for multiple local events

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I own an event/festival company. We do a wide range of events from street fairs to beer bashes. Here is my question because I am so torn.

I have currently my main company then I have a separate brand for a type of event. So all of our drinking events run under there own name. All our food events under there own. All our shopping under there own, etc. But within each of those we have there own events. For instance our drinking events we run under a name of Drink It In (example) but we have an event such as city a beer bash, city b beer bash, etc. We run all of these under one social media and just create event pages for each event.

Now I've noticed our competitors on the other hand create each event as it's own total branding. So for
Instance city a beer bash would be a totally stand along event with its own website, social media, etc.

Which strategy do you think is better and why? I'm so torn if I'm doing it wrong.
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