Couple questions about internet marketing

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Hello folks,
I've just created an MVP of a directory/listing/marketplace website, kinda like alibaba, but for local markets... Now I've come into conclusion, that to create a product/service (mvp) is one thing, but another thing is to attract people (quality traffic) to it.
I have some competitors in same/similar niche and they are, to speak frankly - horrible. They offer similar stuff for astronomic prices, that I could do for free, the interfaces are awful, home pages are one big mess and I doubt that many people would understand at all what these websites are offering, however they have thousands if not millions in listing submissions...

Typical egg and chicken situation here, because there are no sellers, who would create listings (so there is no worth for buyers) and there are no buyers (so there is no worth for sellers).
I would label my seo knowledge to ultra-beginner, but I can say that there is no content yet, apart from regular pages (about us page, privacy policies and stuff) and I am not sure that blog posts would be so valuable for a directory website, that connects buyers to sellers and vice versa.

So, I would like to ask you, marketing heroes, for advice:
What would you recommend to do firstly for this particular, fresh website?
Can you recommend some valuable resources, that would fit particularly to my website (and directory websites in general) in regards to marketing and traffic?

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