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What I find particularly difficult with being freelance marketer online is staying engaged. There are 1000 niches I could look any given moment.

There are simply way too many doors I could open up and start glancing around in five minutes.

Really I'd personally like focus on about 3 different niches, just to give me more mental flexibility. If I get bogged down on researching 1 thing I can simply pull up a different tab and give my brain a quick break on that subject.

And I definitely do not want to overwhelm myself with too many niches at a time.

So one of the most important parts of doing freelance marketing, especially online is being keenly aware of which subjects and niches can really hang on to your attention. What draws you in? Those are the ones that you're most likely to do well in, because we absorb information 10 times easier when we find something interesting...something we're enthusiastic about.

If your studying a subject that really doesn't keep you, you want to ask yourself why you're even messing with it.

And maybe it's because an you've struck an amazing money making opportunity....for whatever reason.

If so.....than trudging through it all may be well worth it. But as a rule of thumb you want to turn your personal primary interests into your primary niches.
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    I suspect the primary interest of most people who frequent this board is making good money or, at the very least, a profit. Certainly there are a number of dodgy sectors out there that most people stay away from, but, at some point, you have to go where the profits are.

    That's not to say you can't make money at what you are interested in, but many others (like myself) will have a few blogs dealing with those interests that are basically supported with Adsense revenue. Nothing to write home about, but you are involved in one or another of your primary interests.

    Many have a primary interest in internet marketing. Others begin to enjoy it once they develop a few skills and start to make sales. I like to read and years ago I started on the internet selling books on the Amazon marketplace. $5 - $10 per sale to start. Though I still have an inventory up there, competition and ebooks began to make a dent over time and while any sale is appreciated, the revenue is just not there to devote a lot of time to it.

    Picking a profitable niche with relatively high profits and relatively low competition is not an easy endeavor. But one's struggles can lead to eventual success and that's what makes it all worthwhile.
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    If so.....than trudging through it all may be well worth it. But as a rule of thumb you want to turn your personal primary interests into your primary niches.
    Not necessarily. Most of the time the profitable niches are the ones in which you have no interest in. Therefore there's no attachment to the product if it doesn't sell. If it's not selling, then you can easily hop into another niche.

    If you prolong on a niche that you're passionate about, you may let your emotion get in the way of logic, and stay in an unprofitable (yet passionate) niche that will lose you thousands of dollars.... and years worth of time.
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