How to get clients through physical networking?

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I run a website development business, and want to meet clients with bulk website development requirement from USA and Australia. Are there any fairs. conferences and expos where I could meet potential clients?

Any other suggestions of meeting the clients are also welcome!
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    You shouldn't do any of those as they are extremely time consuming. You can get clients online in a very simple way (not necessarily easy). You can take prospects from click to clients in 24 to 72 hours for your web development business.

    All you need do it develop a strategy and execute. The strategy should involves taking your prospects from a laser targeted Facebook ad to a webinar, then have them schedule a strategy session with you, then you close them as clients if you're a good fit.

    It's a simple process but not easy as their are many parts to it and takes some time to dial in. If you're interested in implementing this to start getting clients, feel free to let me know and I will see how I can potentially help you.
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      Thanks for replying. I should do facebook ads if i want B2B clients too? Or does it work only for retail clients. I am in India, and lot of retail clients may not want to outsource to India. I am looking for a USA/AUS based re-seller who could give me daily projects in bulk. We act like their back-end team handling all projects.
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    Go to real estate conventions.


    They are regional.

    Start with one region and prove yourself

    Once you have a solid portfolio that delivers RESULTS, other doors of opportunity will open

    It helps to have a local partner so you might want to start offering free consultation on social media to regional RE professionals.

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      Hey, I am not looking for direct clients. I cannot manage the clients from India, as lot of direct companies have trust issues or distance issues from India. I would rather want to target re-sellers who have a good local sales of services like web-development, SEO in Aus/USA and want to have a back-end team managing the projects.
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