How to get traffic on new sports blog/sports news website

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want to target english language traffic mostly from america and united kingdom...
what to do prefer for such kind of a situation...
the site is brand new it has unique content... every day we add content its good that World Cup is going right these days.
can you tell me step by step how to grow with traffic. what traffic channels to use mainly , social networks, and what do you suggest

thank you warriors...hope to hear great suggestions from you.
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    Sports is highly visual from a Spectators perspective, consider YouTube Traffic while capturing major Event coverage from the Sports World.

    Secondly, I would start to build a qualified list of Sports Fans.

    Good luck with the project.
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    There are many ways you can follow to get heavy traffic to your website. First, you should create quality backlinks for your website. When you completed create required amount of backlinks then you should do some little investments in paid news and paid press release sites to famous your website on high level. As you said, you need traffic from specially Us and UK For us news site I would like to recommend nytimes, theguardian, washingtonpost etc. and for UK thesun, independent etc. Also try to create backlinks according to your category sites. I know it's a bit of read but you can try this.
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    consider YouTube Traffic
    Plus one for Youtube.
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    You've entered one of the single most difficult niches on the internet and I think your whole enterpise is pretty foolhardy. Unless you're offering some kind of "black hat" operation, i.e. selling pirated live streams to sports sites, or you're tied up with gambling somehow, just offering sports "content" - i.e articles and opinion on sports matches, won't get you very far. There's so much noise out there it's almost impossible to get heard.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Use social media channels. Twitter can help the most.

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  • Congrats on your website... Let me suggest my ideas to get traffic to your website...
    You said your content is Unique... Google loves Unique valuable content so do the people... You have to work hard on SEO... Then backlinks... try to get high-quality backlinks with relevance to your website... Then Start promoting your unique content on Facebook... Since World Cup is going on, this is the perfect time to establish your unique content with attractive advert design and capturing audience to your site... Try using click baits and pull the audience to your website and make them share your blog with their friends... Work hard and smart... Hope it will give an idea about your promotion... Once again, Best wishes for your website...
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