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Hi Everyone,
I have listed a site in flippa. As a first time flippa user i am really confused about setting a reserve price. I have started the auction at $1 and the buy it now price is $3000. The site is making around $350/ per month. Can anybody help me setting the reserve price?

Also i saw some threads advising to set a no reserve price ($1). I really like this strategy. But what if the auction ends with a winning bid lesser than what i expected but still meet the reserve price? Should i defintely sell the site if this happens? or can i choose against it?

Thanks in advance
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    The reserve price is the lowest price the seller will happily accept for a listed property.

    Sellers are legally bound to sell the property once bidding meets or passes the reserve price they have set. So a reserve price should reflect the minimum price the seller is happy to get for the property.

    To be in the running to win an auction, a buyer must make, and the seller must accept, a bid that's equal to or more than the reserve price.

    Reserve prices are kept hidden by default - only the seller knows what the reserve price is unless the seller chooses to publicly display the reserve. It can be as low as $1, but it must be greater than or equal to the starting price.

    Keep ur reserve at the price u are willing to sell ur site. It can be 2800 or 2900 or 2300 or whatever u are ok. I will be happy to help if u need any further help.
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      Thanks. That makes sense.
      Any tips to sell quickly or make the listing go viral in flippa?
      Thanks again
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      Good and complex question you are asking about. Reserve price seller put by himself, which is not displayed by anybody. It is possible that reserve price could not be reached with the Auction, which you will be notified about. For more details you can find out here: https://www.warriorforum.com/main-in...utm_term=title.
      To make the decent price I can recommend you use additionally some marketing tools, which will help to estimate value of domain as well, such as www.estibot.com
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    As the other person told you what reserve price was...

    To make the site sell faster I would personally start with a copywriter and snag a good headline.

    Viral is a sort of thing that just happens sometimes and I don't think engineering a viral campaign will work well for Flippa.

    Get all your stats, picture proof, good writing all in your ad and it should sell fast.
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    Don't make you're reserve less then the minimum you're willing to walk away with from the sale. Setting a $1 reserve may be a ploy to entice more bidding, but it could easily bite you in the backside if you don't get that many bids and your $350/month income stream goes "poof" for a paltry amount.
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      Yes. Changed my reserve price to the lowest i will be happy to sell my store.
      Thank You
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    If you are using a basic listing I would list for 21 day duration for your auction.Add as many screen shots / attachments as you can.Also verify all traffic and earnings with flippa.If your site is making $350 a month then buyers will find your listing as a lot of people use the search function with the earnings filter - You can also make your reserve price public if you wanted to under the listing settings feature.Good luck with your auction!
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    Getting the best price on Flippa is a very fine balancing act and something which requires a bit of risk. By setting a higher reserve and BIN price it is possible that you will not get any interest in the auction until the later stages.

    If you set a lower reserve or possibly no reserve at all, you will certainly get a lot of interest, questions and maybe even a bidding war and the price could go a lot higher than expected.

    Personally I take the risk and set my auctions at $1 with no reserve, I personally believe this provides your auction with the most potential. If you do get a bidding war then set a high BIN.
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      i started a 14 days auctions and it's down to 4 days. Until now i have only 9 bids with the highest bid of $65. My site is making $300 a month and the BIN price is set to $2999 and the reserve is $2000.
      I know i will not sell in this auction.
      I will be listing this site again next time with a low reserve and flippa promoted listing ($99 package).
      Any tips/advice for this listing so the next time i can get this sold?
      Also is it too much risk if i set the Reserve price to $1 for this site?
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    Presumably you either re-listed this site by now or it sold?

    Never use a $1 reserve because you just don't know what's going to happen. If you don't have any followers on Flippa yet, not many people will see your auction, especially if you don't use the $99 upgrade. So always set a reserve that you'd be happy to accept.

    Your BIN and reserve seemed to be pretty reasonable, although sites making $350/m can often go for 5 figures. It depends how stable it has been and what monetization you are using.
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    I've had bad experiences with Flippa. Their fees are quite high and a lot of crappy, starter sites for sale.
    Are there any better alternatives?
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    I just went over to look at Flippa and I saw a site for sale (for way too much) and it liste a reserve price. Here's the link on Flippa:
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    how about flipping a business?
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      Originally Posted by Kan Kat View Post

      how about flipping a business?

      If it's an offline business, then you'll need to look for other specific websites for that. Biz Buy Sell might be worth looking at.
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