Hey Non-List Builders - This One's For You

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Hey Warrior:

Have you been putting off your list building until you start seeing significant sales? That's the excuse that's most prevalent from my own customers. "Well, I see a trickle of sales - a few each week - but I haven't been building a list yet until I get really going with it."


So all those trickles - those drops in the income bucket - aren't good enough for you, eh?

Those men and women who purchased your product - their money for future sales is better spent with someone else, I guess.

You should have a subscription to Aweber (or pick your poison) before you own DLGuard, before you hire a graphic designer or write your own eBook. Before you turn in for the night tonight, in other words.

I have a very small list for one particular topic - people who want to buy pre-made pages I create at a discount. It's very small (570 to be exact) and highly targeted obviously.

October 6th I started selling these pages to gear up for holiday stuff because Amazon items do well and I've flipped 22 of them in 11 days. Not one has gone unsold. I sell them for $100 each. That means I averaged $200 a day JUST on page flips - this doesn't includes my eBook or PLR sales. That's a $6,000 a month income for the 30 day months.

Kinda nice, right?

It's because I have a LIST. Size doesn't matter when it comes to list building. TARGETING matters. TIMING matters. I didn't care if I had 5 people or 500 people when I started list building. It has to start SOMEWHERE.

Every person signed up to this list knows what's coming and is ONLY there to buy because I don't educate or teach on this list - I ONLY inform them when there's a product to buy.

So there aren't any complaints about sales pitches and needing more hand holding. You can build a list for just about anything. Here's one key I've found in list building:


Don't say you'll teach something if you're really just building up a sales pitch fest. If you DO want to sell only, then be honest! Say something like, "I'll ONLY contact you when I've vetted the very best _______ products and feel it is worthy of your attention." (And then, of course, vet each product and don't OD on the emails).

If you'll only send them out a free course every once in awhile, word it like this: "From time to time I'll develop a step-by-step course that you won't have to pay a penny for - I'll let you download it FREE."

Honesty really does a long way with people.

But regardless of how you plan to use your list, START building it right now.

And yeah I'll say it - you're a FOOL if you wait. Because those trickles add up to a nice full glass after awhile, but if you don't catch them, they're gone forever.

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    Originally Posted by TiffanyDow View Post

    It's because I have a LIST. Size doesn't matter when it comes to list building. TARGETING matters. TIMING matters.
    That should be a screen saver, a coaster, a
    mouse mat, a big poster... it should be right
    there in front of every Internet marketer to
    see as soon as they switch on their PC for
    the day.

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    Tiff is absolutely 100% correctamondo.

    If you'd like a long term asset that can generate income for you on demand...

    ...start building your lists.

    All The Best!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Wow, Tiffany, once again you prove yourself to be one of the most "head on straight" Warriors I've had the pleasure to meet here. Of course, you're a fellow Texan so I might have guessed.

    Such great advice. Allen should make every newbie read this before proceeding to anything else on this forum. Seriously.

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      Excellent post. I really loved this part especially,

      "Every person signed up to this list knows what's coming and is ONLY there to buy because I don't educate or teach on this list - I ONLY inform them when there's a product to buy."

      There's plenty of great information on forums, blogs, etc... but the way I build lists is by gathering buyers who want to buy from me again because they really love my products/ services and know I'm going to sell them things in the future but don't mind because the value exceeds price.
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    I begin my list and write at least 10 messages for my autoresponder sequence before I even build my site.

    See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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    The list is first and foremost, When I got back into IM I started building a list before I even started or even had a product to sell!

    Affiliate Marketer, business builder and Content Creator >Grab My FREE Internet Marketing Profits Book Here<

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    This is awesome advice tiffany.

    For the non-list builders,

    I just started building a list, after I realised that the main reason I wasn't doing it was because I was unsure of what to do with it.

    I got my first few subscribers in the last few days, and


    I didn't expect it to be so exciting, Id say about as exciting as my first few sales, if not more so.

    As you say Tiff, the fact that these people have voluntarily agreed to be contacted by me is mindblowing, and very flattering, not to mention powerful as far as selling is concerned.

    Another thing for the doubters out there, getting people's names and emails REALLY humanizes your traffic.

    By this I mean once you see people's names on a list, they transform from merely being 'traffic' to really coming across as people, sitting in front of their computers and checking emails just like you. Simply from looking at peoples names and email addresses, you can tell how many are male or female, and to some extent even their age.

    princessfairygirl88@ gmail.com is probably younger than,

    johnanderson@ ibm.com for example!

    Don't underestimate how powerful list building is, this advice (mainly tiffany's) is rock solid.
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    Tiffany: I am curious as to what the
    pre-made pages I create at a discount
    might be. I don't mean to pry - I'm just curious about this type of product.

    I've heard of pre-made websites, but I'm not sure if that's what you are referring to when you say premade 'pages.'

    Can you elaborate on this?
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