A Simple Guidepost for Starting a Business and Making Money Online

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After 20 years online, I can honestly say that the most successful
internet marketers I know...

They never set out to simply "make money" online.

Nope, most of them set out to FIX something that was wrong, a problem they
had, or something that was bugging them or causing them pain/suffering.

The problem with a focus that's on making money only?

It's too easy to give up.

But when you set out to improve something or make something better?

You're almost never satisfied.

That, and once you've achieved a certain level of success... then you
almost become OBSESSED with it.

That's the guidepost I personally have used when running my different
online businesses in the last 20 years...

** Become Obsessed With Trying to Help As Many People to Live Better Lives**

Sure, like most people who dream of starting a business and getting rich...
I set out in 2001 to do just that.

But after about a year or so of trying to make money, I realized that I had
started something bigger than just trying to make money.

I was getting a dozen or so emails a week, from people who were telling me
that my fitness programs had changed their lives.

And that's when a switch was flipped and I became obsessed with helping
more and more people get results and improve their lives.

Sure enough, as I became more obsessed with helping people, I started
to think of more and more ways to REACH them.

So, I started advertising on dozens of different pay per click search engines.

I wanted to reach as many people as possible.

I was getting 10,000 to 20,000 clicks a day on Adwords.

I was buying magazine ads, I was sending out direct mail, I was
buying ads on every single medium I could find.

And sure, the money started flowing in as well. More than I needed,
which I found pretty ironic.

Because for the first few years of my business, I was trying everything
I could to make money.

When I stopped focusing on that, and instead, become obsessed
with reaching and helping more people, well, that's when the money
poured in.

I still try and use that guidepost today, in that no matter what I do,
it's with the goal of helping as many people as possible to live better

It's the theme that runs through anything I write, do, or make.

When you're obsessed with helping people... you LOOK for as
many places as you can to advertise.

When you're obsessed with helping people, you don't just
throw together some crappy info product or lead magnet.

Information itself is useless, it can be found on Google
in 2 seconds.

But insight and knowledge... when you're truly out to help
as many people as you can, you want to offer insight, knowledge,
and advice you KNOW will help people.

When you're out to just "make money"... you're fine with throwing
together a cheap PLR ebook, just to try and make a buck.

But when you truly want to help... you'll try and put out the best
stuff possible.

*** The ads you write won't seem all hyped up and full of fluff. Instead, they
resonate with people who can truly use your help. You're able to speak
directly to their needs, and relate with prospects with what you write.

*** Lead magnets you create will be put together to truly help people
and won't be just crappy PLR stuff thrown together. You'll want to put
out content that people can use, right away, to see results and progress.

*** Products will be higher quality and you'll create stuff that gets talked
about and referred to others. Instead of refund requests, you'll have life long
fans who not only are helped by your products, but will buy more of them.

*** You're always on the hunt for improving your copy, your
traffic skills, and your marketing because you want to reach more
people so you can help more people

*** Your sales copy is more persuasive because people can tell
you know what you're talking about... you've been through the
stuff they need help with, and you relate and resonate with your
readers. Instead of relying on adjectives and puffed up sales
terms... you can write copy as if you're talking to a friend.

Once you make the switch in your mind... going from "trying to make
money"... to becoming obsessed with helping people live better lives...

No matter what you do, it will have more impact on the people you're
trying to help.

Oh, and believe me, the money will begin to flow in faster as well.
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  • I so agreed with you. I finally have the courage to quit my corporate job few months ago to pursue my dream. Since then, every morning I wake up and so eager to learn, to share what I have learned and experience with my readers or followers. I feel so happy when my readers found what I shared were useful/beneficial to them.
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