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Hey guys, I am looking to find some answers in the CRM space from the marketer's point of view.

- Which CRM do you use for your clients or for your business the most?
- Which other third-party tools you have integrated with your or clients CRM?
- What tasks did that integration automated for you?
- How did you made this integration/automation? Do you use any tools like Zapier for it or hire a developer to make a custom script for it?
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    I use ActiveCampaign and Kartra.
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      Great ones. Also, SalesForce is one to look out for.
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    I think Hubspot can help you with that.
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  • I use Hubspot and Closer bot for Hubspot automation
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    I use both Infusionsoft and have been testing ZohoOne. They both have their challenges, different price points, but either one requires some mentoring and someone that used them extensively.

    For someone as a "basic" user IFS can be difficult. Then again, if you can find someone that has an in-depth knowledge of it can be a huge time saver!

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    such system are for more organization of your tasks with clients, no more than this.
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  • I use Funnel CRM. It's cloud-based, easy to use and highly affordable. it has Gmail integration inbuilt and easy to set up. it was instant. I highly recommend funnel crm
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    I used to work in one agency that had its own CRM and it was the most convenient one I've ever seen. But creating your own CRM is definitely more appropriate for big companies. So I'd say HubSpot, SalesForce, Insightly etc. will be ok for task management, email marketing, storage of different data and so on.
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    Are you looking for a fully featured CRM (eg Salesforce) or something that's lighter weight?

    Also, if you're going to be using it for marketing / lead management you might want to consider something with a deeper direct integration with automation features for example progressive profiling etc.

    - Which other third-party tools you have integrated with your or clients CRM?
    It might be better to think about what you want to achieve and then use that to help define what your requirements are for your CRM.

    One of the main integrations for CRM systems is marketing automation, as it scores and nurtures your leads through a sales funnel and is used to add sales intelligence such as activity alerts and lead scoring to help sales people focus upon active leads.

    - What tasks did that integration automated for you?
    People often assume that integrations are required to make CRM's more useful but if your needs from a contact management point of view are not intensive you could use a combined marketing automation / lead management system.

    - Do you use any tools like Zapier
    Zapier is very useful for connecting separate systems, if you choose a CRM that doesn't have a Zapier integration you'll need to use a developer to connect the systems, if that's even possible dependant upon the APIs of the systems you are using.
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